Monday, March 22, 2010

Just call me Carlton Fisk

I was invited to play a softball game this past Saturday by an old friend that I used to play co-ed with on weeknights. He didnt give me much info, just that the the game was at 3:30pm. Little did I know it would be so much more.

I get there and he knows I just (last august) had my ACL Replacement Surgery and he says, "I have you catching so you dont have to pivot and hurt your knee". WTF???????????? Really?? Squatting is good for my knee? NOT. And I love catching without a mask. NOT. I dont want my teeth anymore. Nope, that or my nose. FUHK. But I want to play, so I politely thank him and I catch.

Now I'd also like to state I'm a flippen grandmother compared to everyone on this team. Well, maybe not that old but I could have been a majority of the players mother. 3 of the girls went to FAU and were only a couple of years ahead of Lauren when she was there...doing the math this makes them ohhhh 23 or 24 years old. Two of the guys were 19!!! Jesus what did I get myself into?? But Coach Dave has faith in me. Plus he was probably desperate and he knows I will sell my soul to play ball.

The game goes well, I went 3 for 4 hitting and handled the bullets that were thrown my way when the play was at the plate. After all I WAS a catcher in my day and I'm not afraid. Note: Not afraid is KEY behind the plate. Even when a 250lb moose is barreling down on you, starts his slide 10 feet from the plate and will destroy your new ACL if he has his way. The throw was late and I lifted my homeplate blocking left leg with its new ACL out of his way just in time. phew.

So the game ends and I go to thank Coach Dave for inviting me to play and he's all, "Noooooo, no, no, where are you going??? We have a minimum 3 games. This is a tournament". Shit. I didnt plan on staying for 6 hours. He didnt say anything about tournament!! Its now 5:15 and the dogs have to be fed and go out. "Ok Coach, let me make a phone call and get the boys taken care of and you got me". Secretly inside I'm doing the fistpump. Yeah!!! 2 more games!! Wet Dream!! I called my dad and he agreed to take care of the boys for me. The price...I have to vacuum the pool this weekend. DEAL!!

So we played another game immediately after the first and I caught again. Now I can honestly say, I'm quite pleased with my knee at this point. Its holding up reaaaaaaaal well with no pain, no stiffness and no swelling at all. My thighs arent screaming which is amazing considering I havent caught in 20 years. I just stopped catching once I left college because my knees just didnt like it anymore and in these leagues, there are no facemasks. It makes you a little gun shy after having all that equipement protecting you for years and years to all of a sudden not have it. And like I mentioned before, I like my teeth.

So since I cant make this long story short anymore, we played the third game and I catch a third game. We had an hour break in between the 2nd game and this one. Oooooooooooof. Ok. Now I'm starting to feel the burn when I go to warm up again. With every warm up throw my shoulder is like, WTF Girl?? My thighs burn as I squat the first couple of times. Yup, I knew I would pay the price dearly for this in a couple of days. But the game must go on, screaming thighs and all. I'm still hitting well and had a good pop up catch behind the plate. In fact is was one of my best pop up catch's ever.

The thing is with that catch, all the old habits came rushing back....from 22 years ago. Pitch comes in, I watch the swing and the ball is popped up and back, I see it going behind the plate, I'm up (not nearly as fast as when I was younger), flipping my hat off (woulda been the mask had I had one), Umpire is in my way, I get around him and find the ball in the air, its coming down near the opposite side of the backstop from where I'm at. I think I can get it and in a split second my brain says, "You got this if you dive". I dont think I thought about it even that long. I took two giant digging steps and I launch. I layed out people, full airborne, both arms out and prolly 3 feet above the ground. I see the ball as it falls into the glove and bam! I hit the ground so flippen hard, fully outstretched that it literally knocked ALL the air out of me. I mean ALL the air.

I layed there for a second and willed myself to take a breath. OMG, my boobs hurt. Are my ribs broke?? My knee! I move it, its ok. =)

Third out baby!

Within seconds the ump is asking if I'm allright and if he can have my autograph lol. He's telling me its the best play he's seen all day. I am ok, I slowly get up, get my hat and I'm immediately surrounded by the guys from my team, the guys from the OTHER team and they were all givin me kudos and slappin my back. Along with asking if I was allright. The fans on both sides were cheering. I heard a lot of "Holy Shits!" It felt good. It must have looked good. lol

Bet this is what I looked like...NOT. I was more horizontal to the ground lol.

It actually makes me sad that in all the years I played ball, I cant find one pic of me playing. I dont think any were taken. =( So I give you my protoge...Bet I look just like this at bat..

Coach Dave actually posted on my FaceBook wall twice about that catch the next day...
I had said something to a friend about "having one good pop up catch". His response:

David Anthony
One good catch, that is an understatement. It was a full airborne extension to make the catch. The fans were cheering the play. Both teams ran to her to give her props. Some said they have never seen a Catcher lay out like that to make a grab. Awesome Catch!!!!
Yesterday at 10:52am

And then he posted this on my wall for the world to see:
David Anthony
Thanks for coming out to play. Great catch with a full extension. Wow, that was the ESPN #1 play of the day!!!! Even the opposing team ran up to you to give you props : )
Yesterday at 10:46am

It did feel good. Made the pain today worth it.

I had my regular Co-ed team game tonight (Monday) and when I was walking to the concession stand I heard, "There goes the Carlton Fisk of slow pitch softball." It didnt sink in right away and then it hit me they were talking about me. lol I swung my head around and it was a couple of guys I played against in that game. They smiled and gave me the thumbs up. On my way back one of the guys got my number and asked if I could pick up some games for him if any of his girls couldnt make a game. I said sure, anytime.

I am a softball whore. I admit it. I still love to play.

(BTW - My thighs hurt so bad today that I groaned outloud every time I sat down AND got up. So worth it though.)

Oh I lost 6lbs last week for the Rock Your Body Contest at work. Weeeeeeeeeeeeee!! Only 7 more weeks to go!


Gia's Spot said...

Wow fantastic post, Peedee! I had to catch my breath while reading several times!! You sure are effing brave to be messing with that knee!! But glad you had fun and earned the Carlton Fisk nickname! So next time bring the ipgone, the camera or something and have one of the fans get some highlight shots!!
And big congrats on the weight loss, t'aint easy!! Some ice on those thighs and you'll be good as new!! have a great week

Capt. Schmoe said...

OK Charlton, you are gonna like the first thing I say, but not so much the second.

Strong freaken work on that catch. That is the sign of a motivated player, one who loves the game, the competition and the win. It also is the sign of someone who has the skills to go with the passion.

OK, kid #2 had his ACL done in November. Part of the deal was a sports brace that was designed to protect his ACL when participating in sports. Now he doesn't wear his like he should. But I expect that from him. He is a teenager and therefore a pendejo.

But you Charlton, you should know better and you should wear (or get) one of those braces. You don't want to go under the knife again, next time they might send you back down to AA ball.

Thanks for the post, great job and wear a brace!!

Ann T. said...

Dear peedee,
Incredible! Wonderful story!

Listen to the Captain Daddy, 'cos you don't want to quit now!

Ann T.

peedee said...

Thanks Gia. I havent been inspired by anything in awhile so I guess it showed in the post. lol I'll do photos when I lose another 30lbs off my phat ass. ;)

And thank you Poppa Capt.! I do love the sport. Always have. If I didnt have the dogs I'd prolly play everynight. Its easy to do down here year round and there are tons of leagues. And I was wearing my brace. ;) Its funny you say that though, my doc said I could lose the brace in February and I have been wearing it all along. I DID however NOT wear it for the first time last night. My knee rocked!! And I was sooooooo much faster rounding those bases. I actually had a double!

Thanks Annie! It took forever to write but I enjoyed it. =)

meleah rebeccah said...

Peedee! I was on the edge of my seat reading this blog post! I am very impressed with your Inner Athlete. Im even happier that your knee held up after your airborn moves!

You are like a super hero catcher!!!!!

And congrats on loosing 6 whole pounds! That's amazing. GOOD FOR YOU!

Angelia Sims said...

Peedee I mean Carlton - wow!!!

Great post! Your spirit and dedication to the game explode off the page. You have natural amazing talent. So happy for your great catch and new nickname.

6lbs is rockin' that weight loss. You deserved to win! I need some of your mojo puh-leeeeze. :-)

peedee said...

lol Thanks Meleah. I'm no super hero but it was sure fun!! And I miss my carbs!!
I've been keeping carbs below 75 a day and its working. =)

And Ange I've played softball a long time. I'd better know what I'm doing! But I love sports I must admit so it makes it very easy for me. Thanks for the kudos!!

Bloviating Zeppelin said...

Way ta go, PeeDee! You be ROKKIN that house, yeh!

I myself seem to have gained a coupla pounds. Hand me that Corona.


peedee said...

Thanks BZ. ;) I cant have beer. I dont want to waste the few precious carbs per day I'm allowed on something I dont even like that much. lol BUT I am going out to a work event tomorrow night at Americas Backyard (Bar) and I can have the skinny girls tonic. No calories if I've been told the right thing...

meleah rebeccah said...

well you're MY super hero!

peedee said...

MUAH Meleah!!!

Mrs. Bunker said...

ummm. lets don't wreck to knee before the 5K. otherwise, carry on knocking the shit out of those younguns. but listen to coach Edith.

Michael Morse said...

Great story Peedee! I hope the aches weren't too bad the next couple of days. Those plays stay with you forever. I remember playing hockey when I was forty-five, against a bunch of twenty-four year old hooligans from New Haven. Some miricle happened and I managed to break away from the crowd at my blue line (I was a defenseman) dash through the opposition, deke a couple of guys and score. That one is a keeper, and gets better every time I think about it!

peedee said...

Well done Michael!! And you're right, every time I think about the play it does get better! BTW..I played roller hockey down here for a few years. Just rec but it was fun! I've got a few scars leftover from it too. ;) Thanks for stoppin by.