Sunday, March 28, 2010

Sunday Flowers

In response to Ann T's flower posts here and here and here I've finally taken some pics of the flowers in my back yard.

I am spoiled as these bloom mostly year round down here in So. Florida and although I see them everyday, I am remiss in the fact that I dont "see" them and appreciate them as much as I should. I love hibiscus the most and have quite a few different kinds growing and blooming in my backyard. Some of the others posted are not hibiscus and I'm not sure what they are. Feel free to name them if you know.

I took all these with my iPhone not more than 10 minutes ago, so they're fresh. ;)

Coral pretty

Yellow prettyness

OMG Beautiful. I want to capture these in a tattoo, but I dont think any artist could do them justice.

I think these may be hibiscus family...not sure though.

Hibiscus family?? Not sure either.
Red Prettyness

And I'm not sure what these are. I want to say snapdragons but I dunno.

If I find any different ones blooming I'll snap a pic. It seems coral is the overwhelming color in my backyard. I should see about getting some other different colored ones back there. We'll see.


Ann T. said...

Dear peedee,
Oh, yay, these are lovely! We used to have one in bright lipstick red in RiverTown, came with the place. These are great, and I'm with you on the pink. Too gorgeous.

The second more ruffled tree I think is hibiscus sometimes called Rose of Sharon, altho, the R of S I used to see was white, lav, or lav/deep purple two-tone. In Texas.

The very last flower is a Lily but I don't know whether day or tiger lily. What's the diff? I've never been sure.

Anyway, I'm crazy about flowers as you can see. And no yard of my own, so I am envious!

Thanks for a garden, XO,
Ann T.

Southern Sage said...

awesome pics. Very pretty.

peedee said...

They were just for you Ann! Glad you liked. :)

Thanks for the compliment Sage and for stopping by! ;)

Bloviating Zeppelin said...

Man, each and every one of those is in YOUR back yard??

How GREAT is that??

And, also, REALLY like the masthead photo of Round 1 of Dog Swimming!


peedee said...

yup, they're all in my backyard BZ. Its really pretty now that I actually looked at it. ;) And Remi is my swimmer boy. He just swims to swim.

The Queen said...

WOW I want your back yard.. that is lovely...

meleah rebeccah said...

these are absolutely beautiful!

Linnnn said...

Mizz P: Hawaiian roses is what we used to call hibiscus. You truly live in Eden with those blooms and aquatic pups!

peedee said...

Thanks Queenie, Meleah and Linnnn...I am lucky. ;) Thats why I love SoFla!!

the observer said...

Oh, South Florida, eh? I'm afraid Kansas City is as far south as I've lived. When I first moved here from Vermont, I marveled that tomatoes could be had from your garden before August (in a proper summer...). In Vermont, sometimes we had to dash to pick the green ones in October so they didn't get frost bite.

Thanks for sharing your pictures; all I have is daffodils so far.

The Observer

peedee said...

Hey Observer, thanks for stopping by and your comment finally showed up!! Blogger is funky sometimes!
I love Vermont. To ski only! Dont know how you lived in that cold! KC must be a little better as far as seasons go. I saw your daffodils, very pretty!

Anonymous said...

Those last flowers are Amaryllis (not lilies).

peedee said...

Good to know Anon. TY.