Friday, May 28, 2010

Dont Forget To Remember

!!!!!!!MY BABY IS HOME!!!!!!!!!!

Can I tell you how much I love this kid??

Everyone please have a great, safe weekend. And while your bbq'ing, shopping and laying on the beach, please dont forget the reason for this extended weekend.

Go to a Memorial Day service if you can find one in your town. Check your local newspaper today, they should have a listing of services. And when you get there, thank every single vet you see there. Twice.

And tell your children, grand children, any kids you see this weekend what its all about. Why we have this Memorial Day. The children must learn and know why we do this. I dont think enough people really talk to thier kids and tell them the meaning behind some of our holidays.

Tell them we honor these men and women who gave all so we could live free.

I'll be busy for the next couple of days so might not be around that much. I Got a lot to do with My kid. My sailor. My baby. My heart.

Be safe if your traveling and stay well. And remember why we love our country so much.
Muahs my friends. =)

Tuesday, May 25, 2010


Yeah, back to randomosity. I have a couple of things to say and not one thing relates to the other. Go figure.

I got the race results from for my 5K this past weekend. I didnt do that bad really. In my age catagory 40-44 I was the oldest at 44 out of the 17 runners in the group. I placed 13th. =) I actually beat my goal of 15 minute mile with a personal best pace of 14:53. =) And out of a total of 257 participants I placed 184th. =) Overall I'm calling it a success.

Everyday I go home for lunch. I could bring my lunch but I miss my boys. Its a reason to see them! =) Today while I was there my dad was working on a project in my yard. He had to go into the pool area in his yard to get pavers and bring them over. He at one point thought I'd left and brought the dogs inside. He didnt close the gate to the pool. And THE DOGS WEREN'T INSIDE. Mainly REMI wasnt inside. Remi swims just to swim. Its the reason we had to put a fence around the pool area. Needless to say Remi spotted his chance to take a swim. I had to go back to work!!! Remi's new thing is to act like a 5 year old and refuse to get out of the pool. No really. Watch.

Sometimes promises of cookies work. Sometimes not.

He listens real well doesnt he. =/
Bubble Gum is usually a sure thing. Sometimes not.

I'm shopping for my bike, very soon. I said that with a smile. Could you tell??
Its time and more importantly my father and I were talking the other day about how I still want my own bike. STILL after all these years. I told him I'm gonna get one eventually. He said, "Why dont you get one now."



Time stood still, kinda. I felt like I was in the Matrix and everything was moving really slow.

I look left

Then right

Did anyone else hear him say that too???

WTF??? This is the man that has said multiple times over the years, "You can get a motorcycle over my dead body". Hmmmmmm, he's still alive I think. lol Ya know what??? I ain't sayin another word about it. Im just gonna go get one. =)

This might be the happiest day I've had in quite some time. I'm shopping!! I want to buy the bike with cash so it might take me 3 or 4 months to save the dough up. But saving I am!!! Today I took $100.00 bucks out of my checking and put it in my savings account. Not my savings account at the bank but my savings account in my secret spot in my closet. Believe it or not, its easier to save if I do that. When its in the bank I can spend it much easier. Finally!! I won't have to bug my buddies to borrow their bikes just to get my thrills and satisfy my need for speed. Ahhhhhh, the freedom!!

I think I'm going to get a used bike. A 2009 preferably. That way I'm not paying the rapist cycle shops top dollar for a new bike that they love to give to the top bidder. I'll save a bunch of money this way. And there are plenty of bikes out there that people buy and ride for a year and decide they want to upgrade. Its a plan!!!!

Happy, Happy, Joy, Joy!!
Hello Kawasaki Ninja 250R Sport. Come to Momma!!

The previous happyness is eclipsed by the following....The sailor is coming home for the weekend and should be here sometime Friday. We've planned a Memorial Day BBQ Blowout and are going to remember our hero's who gave all and hoist a beer in honor of them. Between Lauren and I, we invited 175 people and I think we will have well over 200 people by the time Ginger gets her people on the list. Facebook is an amazing tool for planning events, then getting the word out. Oh and we have live music too!!
A Girl Named Chuck is a good friend of the family. She loves Lauren to death and would do anything for her. So when Ginger asked her the other night if she wanted to do a little show at our place for the party, without hesitation she said yes. So cool!!

So thats it I guess. I gotta go now. I'm drooling over motorcycles on the web. =)

Twofer Tuesday

Dido is one smooth chick and I really dig her music. She's got an unusual voice and its so soft. Her album No Angel has to be my favorite. I put that bad boy on and listen to it all the way through. Singing along, every word. ;)

Its actually very hard to pick just two songs of hers, I love them all so much. If I had to pick two for someone who's never heard her before it would be these.

My personal favorite:
Dido - All You Want

If you know Eminem, you know this song...
Dido - Thank You

And because I can't ever stick with just two songs/videos, this one is a bonus for the menfolk in the audience today. Just watch it. She's cute so you'll like that and tell me how the hell she keeps her top from falling off. ;) Oh and I think I found someone with smaller boobs than me. Just sayin.

Dido - Here With Me

Monday, May 24, 2010

Pool Day Play Date

The boys had a buddy over today to play in the pool. JD belongs to Cory, who's a friend of my sister and I.

Remi was very serious all day. He's not the most social beast on four legs. He knows JD so he tolerates him. Little brat doesnt realize that JD is bigger, older and stronger and could take his ass out in a heartbeat.

WWII Flying Ace Jake, aka: Maverick

WWII Wingman to Maverick - Remi, aka: Goose

And yet another WWII Flying Ace was in our presence today, JD, aka: Iceman

Iceman Flies!!!

Another successful mission for the Iceman.

Remi and David
(mmmmmmhm ladies, we dont give a shit about Remi in this pic now do we???)

JD Loves his daddy

JD Takin a break


I wuv my brubber!

Love, Love, Love this boy!! <3

Got goggles?

Great day shared with great company!

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Fatty McFatty No More

Awhile back, like 10 weeks ago I wrote a post - you can read it here, about being fed up and frustrated with my life. I made some goals and the time is about right to let you know how they've come along.

Here is an excerp from that post.....

That being said this is what I'll be doing in the near future.

1) Starting tomorrow I WILL be a non-smoker. I am quitting. Even if quitting is for losers. I spend over $220.00 a month on ciggs. C'mon. Thats insane if anything is. I could take two months worth of that and go see my kid. I've been wanting to quit for awhile now. I am ready. Actually excited to start the process and get the worst of it overwith. I've done it before and lasted 8 months. I can do this.

2) In two weeks at work we will be starting something called Rock Your Body. Its a weight loss contest and just plain old getting in shape/eating better/living better program. Its 10 weeks long and my goal is to lose 40-50 lbs. I am waaaaaaaay too chubby and believe me I dont diet. I can count on two fingers in my life when I have. But I've slowly crept up the scale in the last 20 years and its just not acceptable to me anymore to be this weight. I will always be a "butter face" even with a good body and I've come to accept that and I cant change that part of me. I can change how my body looks and make it more acceptable and pleasing to the eye.

3) I've signed up for a 5k race on the Sunday before Rock Your Body ends. I think its May 26th. Even if I cant run the whole thing by then I will complete it. I'm not a runner, never have been so this is totally out of my realm. Training starts next Monday for this.

Ok, so number one....FAIL. Smoking is a disgusting, nasty, dabillitating habit. Its like fucking crack rock. I might as well be a crackhead because I was as successfull as one of them trying to quit. I tried really hard at least 5-7 times to quit when I started this whole change process and its not happening. The failure was starting to affect my success in the other catagories and my ability to NOT murder someone and go to jail so I quit quitting and focused on the other stuff. pfffffft.

Number two....SUCCESS. I started the Rock Your Body wieght loss contest at work and have lost 30lbs so far. My goal of 40-50lbs was probably a little ambitious for 10 weeks so I still consider it a success. I am continueing the effort until I reach my goal of 50lbs total lost. So 20 more lbs to go. Tomorrow is the official weigh in for the end of the contest.

I did it by cutting carbs. Not completely like the Atkins diet but kept the number low. In the beginning I was only eating 50-75 carbs a day. OMG hard to do!! I didnt worry about counting calories because by keeping the carbs so low my caloric intake per day had to be insanely low. I'm now eating 100 - 125 carbs a day and its still working. I'm losing 1-3 lbs per week depending on excercise.

My eating habits have changed 10 fold because of this diet. I no longer eat "anything" my heart desires. I pick and choose how I want to spend my "carbs" per day. Its made for much healthier eating habits and a few treats thrown in for good measure. I am down 4 pants sizes, three shirt sizes and overall feel much healthier. The only bad thing to come from this diet is that along with losing my ginormous ass and gut I'm losing my boobs. GAH!! I really didnt have a lot to start with. So I'm sad about that but I suppose if I really want to I can get some fake ones.

Now for number three. I consider this a partial FAIL somedays and partial SUCCESS others. The 5K race that I'd signed up for at the beginning of this quest was yesterday and I "Wogged" it. That word is compliments of Gia and means I walked/jogged the 5k.

I started walking 10 weeks ago and when I started I was doing 3 miles about 3 nights a week. I'm now up to 5 miles, 5 nights a week. I was supposed to start running and get make myself into a runner. Thats not happening people. I'm just not a runner. I mean I ran some of the race yesterday but not nearly enough of it. I tried to make myself a runner. I see all these people jogging past me on my walks and I envy them sooo much. When I try it ends up badly. My knees dont like running. My lungs dont like running. My brain cant wrap itself around running.

Now the good thing about all the walking I've been doing is it seems to be working on my fat ass anyway. =) When I did run yesterday I felt (or didnt feel) something amazing. When I first started trying to run 10 weeks ago it was so uncomfortable. It felt like shit was bouncing around everywhere on my body. Boobs, hips, ass and thighs all bouncing with no restraint. Uncomfortable. When I ran was so nice not to feel my ASS HITTING MY BACK!!! Hell yeah!! So I guess there is some success to this part of the story. Oh and I did finish the race. I ran across that finish line and I wasnt LAST. There were a ton of people behind me!!!

So thats my story. And I promised you all before and after pics along with the numbers on the scale. This part is whats going to make hitting "publish post" hard. I'm not a big fan of my face. Especially in pictures.

I started this quest at 208lbs. Yeah, lardass, fatty mcfatty, bubble butt, fatso all were acceptable terms. Its that number and seeing pictures of myself that finally made me realize something had to be done. I'd always been 150 - 160 lbs from the time I was in high school until about 15 years ago. I was never gonna be a swimsuit model or anorexic. Its just how the women in my family are built. We are athletes and have atheletic bodies. Today I weigh 178 so really only 18 more to go!

Lauren (my kid) and Ginger (my sister) are both 160lbs. And they look good!
See!! Its in my genes, just gotta get back there!
Lauren and Ging

So that being said, here is the before....

Taken fall last year...I probably put on another 5lbs or so after this before I started dieting in March. Thats my fatass on the left. UGH. =/

Yesterday at the completion of the 5K...(Thats my friend and boss Valerie. She has the patience of a saint to deal with me on a daily basis. And then to hang with me on the weekends too!)

Been there got the shirt.....

My arms are much skinnier now....

And I have a neck now. No more 3 chins...

And this is yesterday afternoon sometime or other. We had peeps over at the pool and someone who shall remain nameless, ahem, ::cough:: cough:: Cory was playing with my camera. If you only new the pics he took. ;)

So thats it! You got the whole story or at least the story up to this point. lol When I lose the other 20lbs we'll see how that looks in pics.

Thank you all for the support throught these last 10 weeks. It helps immensly. Between here and Facebook I've got a lot of friends who care and that really does feel good!

Friday, May 21, 2010

Booze, Leather & Lotsa Tylenol

A Picture story of the shit show that was last night.

Two of these

x's 3,
maybe 4(?)

The previous always Leads To This
Thats enough right??
No, no, no.
Two of these drinks
Leads to Leather Bar
(remember the bad decision?)

Work was a blast

I need hydration. Lots of it.

Readers Digest version of the shit show:
Out with my boys, bar hopping, partying, dancing, leather bar, obligitory Denny's 3:00am meal, 4:00am(ish?)in the front door, roll over at 6:30am to see Christopher. Doh! Forgot he was too drunk to drive home lol. Relax, he's like a brother and gay. Get up, almost pass out in the shower, go to work (hr late), last until lunch, slink out of work and go home, sleep in pool with puppy.

My 5K Run is in the morning. Wish me luck!

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

"Almost" Wordless Wednesday, (almost being the opperative word here Mepsipax)

Losing his mind.

Lately he's getting worse. Changing it seems everyday and certainly not for the better.

Growing up I was cherished by him. When I was very young I didnt know what it was, this feeling of well being, safety and nothing could hurt me. As I grew older I learned the it was love. Lots of it. Always Unconditional, as it should be. I am his namesake and daddy's girl. Yes, I was number 5 of what eventually would be 6 kids in the house. But I was his first biological child. Hence the reason I was named after him. I think I was "supposed" to be a boy but no one will own up to having said it out loud at the time. I just get the feeling.

Ginger, also beloved by him, was probably a surprise. The cherished last child of the mother who had born 6 before her. Ging almost didnt make it through the childbirth. I think this fact combined with the "last child" mantra earned her her the mommy's girl tag. We had our roles even at a young age.

My fathers and my entire name is different by one letter. I have an A at the end of my first name to obviously make it the feminine version. Same middle name (a family surname from his mothers side) and the same last name (obviously). If I had a nickel for every time I've heard the first line of the song "Hey Paula" I'd be rich. Ten times over.

Coastie Dad!

He loves all his kids. Dad met my mother when she moved back to NJ from Louisianna into an apartment over the tavern across from his house. She had 3 young children and one more on the way. She'd escaped back home to get away from an abusive Army husband and soon after her return she divorced him. My parents fell in love and they were married on July 1st 1961, right after my brother David's first birthday. My brother was born right around Fathers day and its kinda appropriate because our father is the only father he's ever known. Yes, the big 50 Anniversary is coming up for them a year from this July.

A kiss on a cruise we all took about 5 years ago

My dad raced inboard hydroplanes over 120mph on water when I was younger and it created some of the best memmories ever of weekends over summer vacations. I want to do a whole post on that, so more later.

Dad had his own business when we were growing up which meant he worked long hours. He was usually up and out before we even woke up in the morning. He ALWAYS came home for dinner, Every Night. My mothers rule that it took an, "act of god" to miss dinner in our house applied to him too. During his busy season which was May thru September, he would come home to eat but go back out to work until dark. He worked a lot. I do remember that about my childhood. But, there were always hugs and kisses galore before he left and when he came home. =)

When I was around 11 years old I begged him to let me mow the lawn. I really wanted to use the ride-on mower and he kept saying no. Eventually he gave in with the usual precautions and some rules. 1. No doing the front yard near the curb. 2. No doing along the driveway either because the car was parked halfway on the yard, other half on the driveway that day.
Our driveway was rocks. Grey quarry rocks. All was well until I decided I could do around the car. Just a little to help him out and when he saw how good I did around the car he'd trust me and let me do the lawn all the time. yeah.

Long story short, when I went around the car my leg got stuck between the lawnmower and the bumper, causing the lawnmower to twist around so its now on the rocks and kicking up some serious projectiles. Dad heard me yelling and ran over to help and in the process of untangling me from the car his foot somehow slipped under the mower. I remember seeing his white sneaker flying 10 feet away and the look on his face. There was a lot of blood and neighbors running up with towels to stem the flow. My mom was angry and sent me to my room. I watched from the window as the ambulance came and took him to the ER.

The blade had sliced his foot on the side of his big toe all the way to his heel. DEEP. A Filleting if you will. Over 350 stitches inside and out and he was back home. I was sooooo afraid to see him. I knew I'd screwed up. He called me into his room where he was laying in bed with his foot up on 4 pillows. He asked what I'd been thinking?? I told him I just wanted to help and then he told me thats why he didnt want me to go near the car. He kept saying thank god I wasnt hurt. Hugs and kisses and assurances that it was an accident, but accidents happen when you dont obey. Lesson learned. I listened to him much better after that. I assure you I did.

He is a great father. He still worries (too much) about every single one of us. Sometimes sticking his nose into business that he shouldnt. He's just trying to help I'll tell my sister when he does something that pisses her off. I have way more patience with both my aging parents than any one of my siblings. I'm not sure why but I do.

They were always there for me. Not just my mom but BOTH my parents.
When I went to college in NC and then moved back home a year later because I missed my family. No questions or yelling about my failure.
When I got my first big girl job in NYC as a receptionist for a stockbroker they took me out and spent tons of money on new "business" clothes so I would look good.
When I came home one day at 21 years old and announced, "I'm pregnant" and No, you dont know him and No, I'm not marrying him.

He adores his grandchild even more than me I think. In fact I know! lol He has been the father figure her own father refused to be. He watched her every Friday night I was on shift when I was a paramedic because that was my moms Bingo night. He and Lauren would go to Denny's and get dinner then go get Ice Cream. They'd take their treat and sit at the end of the runway at Fort Lauderdale Airport and sit on the roof of the car as the planes came in for a landing only 100 feet above their heads. For hours they'd sit there. He did this when she was a toddler all the way until she was 10 years old. Friday night was theirs alone to do their thing. Some times they'd mix it up and he'd take her to old car meets. Her love of planes and old cars comes from him and him alone. Lauren still talks about those nights and her eyes light up when she does.

About 6 years ago he was diagnosed with prostate cancer. It wasnt good either, he was stage 5 level 4 or Level 5 stage 4, I cant remember exactly but it was pretty far gone. I took him to many doctors. I wanted many opinions on what could/should be done. We finally settled on a doc that was recommended by a doc friend that I had. This doctor did the equivilent of a male histerectomy on my father. They took everything and anything close to the area. It was a long recovery but it appeared to do the trick. 6 years later he is still cancer free. His PSA's come back 0 which is good and except for some "funky" cells in his bladder at one point, nothing has returned.

Lately he's also been in and out of the hospital with breathing problems. Probably 5 times in the past two years. He has emphysemia and refuses to stop smoking. Actually I think he cant stop smoking. Its like crack rock and I know exactly what he's talking about. =/

He has not been the same since all this started with the cancer. My normally strong, vibrant, crazy hard working father was a shell of a guy for a while after surgery. While the shell went partially away, some of its still there, and I dont think it will ever be fully gone. His sense of humor is all screwed up. His patience which he always had a ton of is gone. I know some of this is his age, 72 but the cancer took away the man I knew. Made him old before he was supposed to be. His memory is getting really bad. On bad days he will ask the same question 3 times in a 1/2 hour period. I keep answering because I dont know what else to do. He is angry too. He was once so sweet and gentle. I can remember seeing him really angry like twice in my life when I was younger. He never yelled. He yells all the time now.

We rarely fought in my 44 years. Or at least rarely until a few years ago. Like I said, I have lots of patience with him but my goodness he can get my blood boiling sometimes. He is so obstinant and thick headed that it makes me crazy. I will 9 times out of 10 walk away. Its not worth it most of the time to fight with him. He's always right and wouldnt admit if he was wrong anyway. And I really dont want to wake up one morning to find he's gone and we fought the day before. I love this man with all my heart and its breaking my heart to see him so different than what my mind is so used to.

Pops sportin someone's Oakleys.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Twofer Tuesday

Prince. Fan since the beginning. Purple Rain was one of my favorite movies and albums back in the mid 80's.

These two songs always go together for some reason. Love 'em both but like Take Me With You better. Thats starts at around 4:40.
Prince - Lets Go Crazy/Take Me With You

This is quite possibly my favorite song of his. I would think its obvious but he's referring to the 7 deadly sins here.
Prince - Seven

Happy Tuesday. ;)

Monday, May 17, 2010

Monkey Monday

I want you all to do me a favor and click on the link below. No, actually do it for a beautiful little girl who needs some help. Even if you cant help with a few bucks, please go read her story and say a prayer for her. She has neuroblastoma.

Click Here -----> Monkey, Cutest Kid Ever!

I found out about Monkey on Momma Fargo's site The Boogie Man Is My Friend and thats where the link is to. If you dont click the link, I'm gonna get Momma Fargo to arrest your ass. She's a badass cop that would...maybe. So do it. Please. I dont think I've ever asked you guys to do anything like this so you kinda owe me at least one click. I'd do it if you asked me. Stop making me beg. pfffffft. Just do it.

I read stories like Monkeys and it just make me think of how flippen lucky I am to have a healthy child. I cant even wrap my mind around going through something like this with Lauren. If you have kids, nephews, nieces or even neighborhood kids you love, just imagine the unimaginable. Now go click the link if you haven't already.

Thank you.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

I Think I Shall Re-Name This Month, Random

I discovered this weekend that I scream the same way whether I'm being devoured by a Great White shark or if a piece of seaweed touches my foot. =/
True story. And I hope all you people who were on the beach laughing at me while I was screaming and walking on water to get out of the ocean have your crotch infested with a thousand sand fleas. AND I HOPE YOUR ARMS ARE TOO SHORT TO SCRATCH. Real funny, fuhkers.

So after my little scare with the Great White seaweed I spent the weekend oohing and ahhing over new clothes. Not my intent mind you but sometimes shit happens. I went to get new sneakers. I'm walking so much my Nike Shox are about worn out.

I go shopping for new kicks and come home with new shirts (smaller!), adorable new white cotton capri pants (they are so beachy!! and 3 sizes smaller!) and new undies (2 sizes smaller). Apparently my ass hasn't shrunk as much as my waist yet. Still a little junk in the trunk but it'll get there eventually! I really didnt want to buy clothes yet because I still have more weight to lose. Its all good though. Just a little sumthin sumthin to tide me over! =)

I did say I didnt get sneakers right?? Yeah, couldnt find any I liked. WTH?? Finish Line, Foot Locker and Lady Foot Locker each have 4 bagillion pairs of sneakers to choose from and I couldnt find any that I liked?!?! Can you say annoying??

I only shop at Abercrombie & Fitch for the bags. Being this hot should be illegal. And all of a sudden I feel like a cougar for even thinking what I'm thinking about this man-boy. ugh.

And because this is the month of random....I found this and thought of you Annie! I hope Cosmo's surgery has cured the gaks and he feels better soon!!

Saturday, May 15, 2010


This kid is amazing. If you've watched the news, you've seen how his youtube video has become the newest sensation. He has almost 14 million hits so far.

He covered Lady Gaga's song Papparazzi for his school talent show and hit a home run. Keep in mind, he's 12 and never had a singing lesson.

Amazing kid with a rockstar name...Greyson Chance.

Annie, this was really for you since I know you dont watch tv. ;)

I just got back from the Dark Side...they lied about the candy.

Would it be complaining if I told you how crazy my week has been?? Again!!
I think I was saying this just last week. I'm not sure whats going on but I'm busier than a mosquito at a nudist colony. For real!

My life is random these days. So, random this post shall be.

First things first...
Armed Forces Day 15 May 2010. Men and Women stand on the wall today saying to evil; "Come No Further". God bless our Troops! Thank you ALL for keeping us safe. I love you my sailor, LJD!!!

This popped up on my ipod during my walk last night. Its been a long time since I've heard it and I've missed this song.
Love Love Love the acoustic versions of all their songs.
All American Rejects - Gives You Hell(acoustic)

Jake has been going on my walks with me a couple nights a week.
Why don't I take Remi you ask?? Because Remi is my special child who will NOT cross the top of the intracoastal bridge. You know the metal part that opens to let big ass boats through. Yeah, that part. Its only about 20 yards wide really. Well we found this out halfway over the bridge last week when he nearly jumped off the bridge when cars started going over said metal part and making loud noises. I had to practically lay on top of him to keep him from jumping. Once the cars were gone I carried his ass the rest of the way over the bridge.
I woulda jumped in the water after him in case you thought otherwise.

I pass by the mall every night when I walk and last night there was not one but three flippen hot cars parked in front. Stoopid amount of money sitting right there.

On my way back, I couldn't resist...

Ferrari #1

Ferrari #2

I definitely think I'll take the red one. It'll match my house.....remember my house on the beach?? I certainly haven't forgotten it. I dream about that stupid house, amongst other things at night.

I am 6lbs from the weight I was in this pic. Lauren was probably a year old here. So yeah, its been awhile since I've seen this number.

Before you ask......No, I have no idea what the hell that cheesy smile is on my face for and yes it was a mullet. Shut it!
The big story here people is minus 27lbs so far as of last Monday. I have 23lbs more to lose. I'm getting there. =)

And I'll leave you with the Dixie Chicks.

I wanna sleep on the hard ground
In the comfort of your arms
On a pillow of blue bonnets
And a blanket made of stars

Oh it sounds good to me

I said cowboy take me away
Fly this girl as high as you can
Into the wild blue
Set me free oh I pray
Closer to Heaven above
And closer to you
Closer to you