Monday, March 28, 2011

Pimpin for my sister

As if I have ANY right to ask you all for anything after my desertion of you. But I'm gonna ask anyway.

My sister is in an International Photography contest. She says in her blog, (see blurb below) that she is in the top 20. Well that was 10 days ago. She is now in the top 5-10. She has a chance at winning this shindig. And its big.

And she deserves it. She is a great photographer and I'm not saying that because she's my sister. Its true. MANY people LOVE her work. Not just me.

Here's her website. Check her out. Then come back and click the link in her post below and vote for her please. I'd love to see her win and go to Europe to shoot whatever it is they shoot. Thanks ;)

I’m Participating in an International contest….as a Photographer…

I’m asking anyone and everyone to take a few moments to go to this site and PLEASE vote for me!

This is an international contest for a company JustProud in the Netherlands… I am a founding member of this website – – it is a place for fashion lovers, designers, photographers, models, etc…

Here is the link to my profile – please click on it – and it should take you right there…BUT if it doesn’t – just go to the site and click on the SummerTop contest and click “view photographers”. I’m currently on page 18 or 19 – click on me – Ginger de Vegh and VOTE!!!

Just Proud

I know this contest is the real thing – a friend of mine in Boston, who is a designer – Daniel Hernandez, won the last one and was flown to Amsterdam to design and shoot for the current shirt that you see on their site!!! I am (as of the last standings) in the top 20 or so, out of 325+ photographers – WORLDWIDE!!!!! (last contest I made it into the top 50!)

again – I would GREATLY appreciate your votes!!!!!!

thank you sooo soo much!!!!

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So thats it. Two post in two days. Imagine that. Muahs!

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Freakish Love

The kid is home and when she's home I get TONS of new music to listen to.

Newest love.......and this boys a freak. But I love him.

Ima Robot
Lovers in Captivity

and the freak boy lost his mind on mushrooms lately and is now Edward Sharp & The Magnetic Zero's.

40 Day Dream