Tuesday, March 16, 2010


Instead of the regular Twofer Tuesday music videos lets do something different. Someone showed me these today so we're doing a special edition with political satire videos.

Ok, I lol'd for awhile and I'm sorry but they got Nancy Pants perfect with the "look everywhere" eyeballs. Holy poop. I'm still laughing.

Taken from the website: Politizoid

The endless banter, the self-absorbed complaining it sounds like Seinfeld, but with our liberal leaders, its just another day of the politics of meaninglessness.

President Obama shows the necessary resolve to keep Al Qaeda from interrupting his vacation.

The investigators up at Camp Happy survival school in Maine told my kid I was a "Hardcore Conservative". HAHA, if they only new...I'm not really but I guess this is Fuel for their fodder. I just think its some funny shit.

Although I must say if they keep trying to ram this healthcare reform bullshit down my throat I might go full on hardcore Rightwinger. Well, prolly not. But it pisses me off. I like to be kissed before I'm f*@$d.
I need a cigarette now. pffffft.


Linnnn said...

Pelosi's eyes!!!! Perfect! She's a nasty piece of work, that one!

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

The Queen said...

I've been watching the news about the health care crap..but on to avoid tampon commercials..

peedee said...

Pelosi makes me wanna puke. But I digress, just look whats she's doing for "Women-Kind". ugh.

Us Queens gotta stick together. Welcome aboard Queen!

Bloviating Zeppelin said...

Hey thanks! I larfed for, probably, the first time in a coupla weeks.


peedee said...

Yeah BZ they are some funny videos. And just so you know, I'm reading your blog daily..multiple times a day in fact and learning. :) I just dont comment that much cause I'm not schooled enough in politics to make decent well educated comments. And you've also got a couple of Libs over there that make my blood boil.