Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Oh Yeah

Happy St. Patty's Day. I'm not Irish and since I hardly (yes hardly) drink anymore or at least dont drink to excess every weekend like I did as a kid I almost forgot all about it. Its really funny to me that this holiday to celebrate the Irish decendants of this country has turned into an all out drunkfest second only to New Years Eve. Another night the "drinking amateurs" fill the ERs themselves and take innocent bystanders with them.

I'll be home tonight watching the suckiest American Idol yet. Apparently the talent pool has dried up in America.


Linnnn said...

Mmmmm. Guiness. I'm home too. Too a'skeered of the "amateurs" too!

peedee said...

Your allowed to drink beers already?? Speaking of is your alien-less belly doing?? And just so you know I was in a piss poor mood last night and me and the boys had a cry over Janie.

meleah rebeccah said...

Happy St. Patty's Day. Most people I know use this day as an excuse to get completely wasted. I am too old for that kind of noise anymore.

So, much like YOU I am home watching 'The Worst Season' of 'American Idol!'

Mrs. Bunker said...

OK so I'm not the only one thinking that Idol is pretty sucky this year. yawn.

AND I Just walked home and people are falling out of cabs and puking in the street. I'd suit up and hit the stroll and show those kids how to do it but I'm too damn tired. cheers.

Old Knudsen said...

Guinness turns yer poo black which is kinda fun if you can stand the taste.

Old Knudsen being Scots/Irish gets labelled as Irish here in Southern Callyfornia but loves it when Americans proudly claim "I'm part Irish from my grandfather" Surnames and places being important in Celtic culture I always ask where they were from but they never know and it turns out maybe to be a great grandfather found it on a map one day.

I can't wait for Cinco De Mayo (whenever that is) A toast to killing Frenchies.

peedee said...

Meleah my days of getting schwasted are long over. I did lose my mind last October when I went camping and got close but higher brain function kicked in and sent me to bed just in time. ;) It took me a good week to recover the damage I did do!

Oh Edith, Idol is just so boring it kills me because I was looking forward to it. Now I watch out of boredom and keep waiting for something to happen. I'm a glutton for punishment obviously.

And Hellllllllloooooooo Old Knudsen Sir!! I laughed when I tried to go to your blog today while at work and a big old screaming warning screen came up telling me: MY COMPANY DOESNT WANT ME ANYWHERE NEAR YOUR SITE WHILE WORKING!!! Warning, Exit now or be dooooomed to menial labor the rest of your life!!! We mean it, go back now!!
Fuhkers. No sense of humor whatsoever.
And timeless info. Next time I want black poops NOT due to bleeding in the gut, I'll drink a Guiness.
Cinco De Mayo = Chihuahuas and beer. What more could you ask for??
Kill all the Frenchies ya want. Cant stand 'em. Thanks for visiting.

Angelia Sims said...

I risked my skin to get home from Jason's house around midnight St. Paddy's Day. Crazy! I think it's worse than New Year's Eve!

And now I'm really glad I stopped watching AI. My last season was when Chris Daughtry didn't win or at least get top two. I SWORE I'd never waste 3 nights of my life again!
Maybe that's a good thing. Sounds like that was one of the best seasons anyhow. :-)

peedee said...

Glad you made it ok Ange. And yes, its been officially confirmed this week, AI sucks monkey bawls.

meleah rebeccah said...

Yeah, its kinda funny when you notice just how much LONGER 'recovery time' is when your older!