Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Rockford Files

Now back in the day I loved me some Rockford Files. I remember watching when I got home from school I think. Or maybe it was right after dinner. hmmmmmmm. That means it was a LONGGGGG time ago and the brain cells holding that information have shriveled up and died. Poor brain cells. Thanks for the memories. NOT.

I thought Jim Rockford was cute. I wont say sexy, because I was fairly young and dont think I understood what sexy was back then. I also was in love with Robert Wagner, but thats another story for another day.

Anyway, back to the reason I'm writing about a show from the 70's. They've cast a new actor to play Jim Rockford.

Dermot Mulroney to star in "Rockford" update
By Nellie Andreeva Sun Feb 28, 10:10 PM PST

Dermot Mulroney is NBC's new Jim Rockford.

In his first regular TV role, Mulroney is set to play the iconic private eye in the network's updated take on the hit 1970s drama that starred James Garner in the title role.

The new Jim Rockford is described as "slightly crumpled, wry humored, cynical, world weary, compassionate when it's called for and easily irritated by morons."

His troubled past includes doing some time as a convict and as a cop.

Aside from an arc on NBC's "Friends" in 2003, "My Best Friend's Wedding" co-star Mulroney has been focused on features, most recently appearing in "Burn After Reading."

NBC's "Rockford Files" was written by "House" creator David Shore, who is executive producing with Steve Carell.

I heart me some Dermot Mulrony. He's a cutie.

I cry with Julia in that scene. 'Cause I'm mooshy like that.

And because now I have to hear the song...(and ignore the bozo in the video. Its the only version I could find by Frankie Sinatra singing the song believe it or not.)

And is it Friday yet?? Because I'm wondering if this week can get anymore shitastic. It needs to be over.


Sisu said...

I love Dermot Mulroney, whom I first saw in Young Guns... which was in heavy rotation during college. And why not? Dermot, Casey Szchimosko, Lou Diamond Phillips, Kiefer Sutherland and Emilio Estevez...a cornucopia of '80s hotties.

Ann T. said...

Dear peedee,
Okay, he's cute, but is he rugged enough to be an ex-con? Where's the prison tats? Who makes this up?

Oh, James Garner . . . how could i forget!

thanks for the recall moment!
Ann T.

Mrs. Bunker said...

No it's not friday yet.
I don't know who Dermot Mulroney, but now I guess I'll have to watch now.
They can't jack up my memory of Rockford Files because my mom would never let us watch that one, I'm not sure why. Donnie & Marie and Love Boat were our craptastic tv choices back in the day. See how well adjusted I've turned out?

meleah rebeccah said...

Dermot Mulrony really IS a cutie.

My celebrity 'imaginary husband' is Alec Baldwin. And, even though he's sweaty and bloated these days, I still LOVE him!

Jen said...

I love the Rockford files. It was always on late at night for us, usually after Get Smart which was the all time best show EVER!!!!

I had a thing for Robert Wagner too, but then who didn't. Now he just makes me laugh with that reverse mortgage stuff.

Jen said...

And he is soooo old! When did that happen?

Epijunky said...

I so LOVE Dermot Mulroney.

With the intensity of a million hot burning suns. Seriously.

peedee said...

Sisu, Young Guns was <3 at first sight for me. That is where I first saw him too!

Ann, he'll do just fine. Bet!

Edith, where the hell have you been?? You make me miss you and thats not cool. lol And I can totally picture you as that cruise director on the Love Boat...Julie was it?? lol That makes me giggle. And EVERY Friday night you could find me in front of the tv gettin my groove on to Donnie and Marie. I was a little bit country!

Meleah, I dig him too. I just saw him in the movie...geesh, ummm, the one where he was married and then divorced and tried to get back with his wife...ummm ITS COMPLICATED with Meryl Streep. Good Movie!! I loved him in Beetle Juice. =)

Oh Jen, you may be right, it might have been an evening show. I just cant remember. I just know I watched it. True story...I think I had my first wet dream with Robert Wagner. I know, TMI, but THATS how much of a crush I had on him. lol And I cant look at him now. I get creeped out for some reason.

Epi, I'm a little freaked out you commented (happy but freaked). I almost want to say, "Get out of my head!!!!"
I have been so lax and not making the rounds much (insert appology), but I swear on my kid, I was thinking about you tonight. =0 And it was because of the post I wrote that I'm still trying to decide if I want to publish tomorrow.
It had to do with a line in it about being a paramedic and I know your going thru school right now and I wondered how you were doing with it.
Thats really freaky. Dontcha think??

And I wouldnt kick Dermot outta my bed for eating crackers. For real.