Monday, March 15, 2010

Spring Forward into Hell

You're riding a horse full speed...there's a giraffe beside you...and you're being chased by a lion...what do you do???

Get your drunk ass off the carousel.

Quiet weekend. I absolutely abhor the time change in the spring. I'm not at my best in the morning anyway so losing that hour of sleep tends to kick my ass and make me a bitch (read: bitchier). This morning wasn't so bad but it will get worse as the week goes on. Then I'll play the game with myself all week of "its really 10:45 not 11:45". What this accomplishes, I have no idea.

I start Couch to 5K Tonight and a late (8:45pm) softball game afterwards.

No, I havent quit smoking but I've cut way down to 1/2 pack a day. Its a start.

Did I mention I hate the time change?

Maybe someday soon I'll write something of meaning on here again. As for now, I got nothing.


meleah rebeccah said...

Cutting DOWN on smoking is just as rewarding. You are doing a GREAT job, and you have to do it the way it works for you.

Personally, I LOVE the time change only because it will NO LONGER be dark at 5pm!

Ann T. said...

Dear peedee,
I'm with meleah on DST. Love it. However, like you, I worry the first week about making it to stuff on time. Change is hell. I think it should be DST 365 a year.

I tried to think of an original way to say, "this is a meaningful post", but actually the best way to say that seems to be:

this is a meaningful post.

I checked out the runner's calendar. I love this. I could do the first month and then go no further on the distance road and still be better off.

So, a progress report and other cool things for us to try--if we want.

Hang in, my baby,
I'm on the purple pony on the other side of the carousel--
Ann T.

5kidswdisabilities said...

Don't say you've got nothing to blog...the horse/giraffe/lion joke was great. Thanks! I needed a laugh!

Lindsey Petersen

peedee said...

Thanks Meleah, I'm getting there and I'm sticking to my guns on the time change. Why cant they just leave it alone?? Its not the 1800's anymore. lol

And Ann, you could do the whole program. Thats the point of it, it gradually gets you ready. You kinda dont even know its happening. At least thats what I'm hoping for. I'll let you know how it goes.
And yes, your on that purple pony...I know your there, I just cant see you. ;)

And Lindsey, Thank You for visiting and commenting. I'm glad you got a laugh. I actually got a belly laugh outta that one, thats why I posted it.

Angelia Sims (Texas) said...

You know before I quit for good. I cut out smoking in the car. I had a smoke AM (or two) ONE (or two) at lunch. One before driving home and then maybe one before bed. I cut way down to. It really does help. Months later I was done for good. I'm STILL happy about that. You will GET there!

Hey, I hope to do a 5K mid April. I just got up to a mile without stopping. Gee my ankles/shins hurt!

Am I the only one that LIKES the time change? I always feel more awake. I never said I wasn't a weird one!

peedee said...

Thats what I'm tryin to do Ange, cut out certain smokes during the day. Its working. And the running thingy.....ugh. I am the only one who HATES the time change apparently. Most everyone feels like you do about it. I'm weird I guess. ;)

Mrs. Bunker said...

just don't change this into a running blog ok? those things are incredibly boring. That being said, please update frequently about training.
You will beat the smoking.

I hate the time change. guaranteed late for church, can't get the kids out of bed all week. It's all good after I get used to it, but this week sucks.

peedee said...

No worries Edith. I know already I'll NEVER EVER love running. I have a mission, a goal, whatever it is. And I paid for a 5k at the end of May, so I'm damned and determined to make it. Then I'm done. God I hate running!!!

And yeah, what was today?? Wednesday...yeah, I was an HOUR late for work. pffffffft.