Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Blown Away

My laptop has a nasty virus right now (again).  I don't really care, hence the reason I haven't spent much time trying to get rid of it.  I will work on it I guess once I get un-busy or bored enough with TV.   Not that I'm watching a lot of TV.  The nights I work out I'm beat.  Lucky to make it past 9pm before I'm passed out, either on the couch or in my bed. 

I've been working out with the Personal Trainer on Mondays and Wednesdays and I'm back to rollerblading 3-4 nights a week again with my boss. 
We are back on the road, A1A specifically, dodging county buses and asshole tourist drivers from NY/NJ.   We are back up to 10 miles roundtrip and bumping that up quickly.  I've also got us down to about a 5m30sec mile.  Almost where we need to be at a 5m mile.

We skated from April thru June and didn't get beeped at once.  I've been beeped at 10 times if not more in the last week.  Assholes.  We aren't skating any differently than we were before.  We're in the bike lane when there is one and on the sidewalk (if available) when there is not bike lane.  If there is no bike lane we are allowed on the very far right side of the lane.  AND you have to give us 3 feet of space if this is the case you fuhkers!! 

Anyway, in case you haven't been watching the news.....I'm coming to blow you away. And just for the record, I'm a record breaker.
Did you know Paula may have set a record already? Check out the Phil Factor Blog.

The last time my name was on the list for a storm I think that year it only got to the O's or my storm never made it past tropical depression. I dunno. I forget.

Ok, so thats it. Because of the virus on my laptop, I can't get online at home. Well, I can use my phone, but I have very little patience for the internet on my phone. So I'm posting this from work. Which is a big no-no these days. Nothing new here, just breaking the rules as usual. =)
So thats how that goes.

Peace out peeps. I do miss you all. ;)