Tuesday, March 9, 2010

A Conversation

When Lauren was at Pensacola training we had an IM (instant message) conversation one night about the Blue Angels. Her dream job was to crew for the Blue Angels. Since then she's realized that wont happen but it doesnt make this convo any less funny. Read on and see if you can figure out what had me spitting coke all over my laptop.

[9:14:35 PM] paula: blue angels is a three year tour.

[9:14:44 PM] Lauren: holy fuckk

[9:14:51 PM] paula: yup. holy fukkers

[9:15:07 PM] paula: and what happens is all ground crew rotate each week.

[9:15:15 PM] Lauren: what do u mean

[9:15:21 PM] paula: one week you go with the angels and the next week the other crew goes

[9:15:41 PM] Lauren: lol

[9:15:50 PM] paula: AND i get special seating at the shows. =)

[9:15:59 PM] Lauren: lol

[9:16:01 PM] paula: and i get to meet the pilots. =)

[9:16:05 PM] Lauren: lol

[9:16:10 PM] Lauren: i.e. future husbands

[9:16:16 PM] paula: oh to dream

[9:16:27 PM] Lauren: lol

[9:16:32 PM] Lauren: theres lots of menz here

[9:16:34 PM] Lauren: u would want

[9:16:41 PM] paula: Lauren says "Lt this is my mother....she wants to marry you.."

[9:16:54 PM] Lauren: yeah except even if u were banging them id still have to salute them

[9:16:58 PM] Lauren: fucked up huh?

[9:16:58 PM] Lauren: lol

[9:16:59 PM] paula: lmao

She cracks me up. I love that kid.


Bloviating Zeppelin said...


Push ALL that shit aside.

Who SAYS she couldn't crew for The Blue Angels? If that's her dream, then try to see if she could actually enABLE that dream?

Maybe her dream is more than just what you think, at its base, it might be.

Maybe her dream is to be into an elite job of the elite.

Because you have to HAVE your fecal material together in order to work ANYwhere around the Angels.


Sisu said...

*snerk* I've always been drawn more to Submariners myself...twisted little suckers!

peedee said...

Ok BZ, my kids pretty smart and exceedingly gifted in the common sense area. Lets do some math.
14 months of training done so far
+20 approx months of training still to go
34 months of training out of a 72 month active duty enlistment. Almost half of her enlistment is training.

She is being specially trained for a special job on a special plane. And I guess the most basic fact is that her rate with her specialized training in that rate does not typically get picked for the Blue Angels squadron. And if I'm correct, you have to be E-5 or above and probably on your second enlistment to be picked as well. She has already said, she cant see her self re-enlisting. So the realization that she wasnt ever going to be on the crew came early and she's made peace with that.
I dont squash dreams, I encourage them believe me.

Sisu, you have a t-shirt that says "I <3 Nerds" dont you. lol

meleah rebeccah said...

Your daughter is hysterical.

Oh MY GOD, I just saw your comment to Sisu, and I have to tell you that I actually DO own a tshirt that says

"I <3 Nerds"

And its a Smurf Tshirt too.

ahahahahhaha. Ill send you the picture of me IN that shirt on FB!

Mrs. Bunker said...

So can she still find me ooops I meant YOU of course a man or what?

Yea, I know I already have one on the payroll, but it's ok to dream, right?

Angelia Sims said...

LOL, wonder where she gets it from. :-)

peedee said...

Meleah that shirt is adorable!! Wear it and think of me today!! And that kid IS funny. She has a very quick wit. I'm left speachless more than not. I cant think of fast enough comebacks lol.

Yes Edith, she and her buddies are always looking for mommas next man. Good kids. They know if they can find someone to keep me busy, I'll leave them alone to go tornado hunting. Because thats their newest obsession since they've moved to Oklahoma. Ugh.

Not Me Angelia!!! lol tks!