Monday, July 20, 2009

T-Minus 5 days til 21

I'm gonna spend the week telling you about my kid. Why?? Because she's hitting a milestone birthday this Friday and as a parent in todays world who didnt do it "by the book" she came out of it pretty allright. In fact damn good.

I was young, living a great carefree life. 21 years old, commuting to work in NYC from the Jersey Shore as a receptionist in a Wall Street Trading company and bringing home the big bucks (ha!) or so I thought. Brand new car, party every night. Great clothes. My pick of guys (well almost). Life was gooooood! It was the late 80's baby!!!

I was a fairly young mom just 22 when she was born. I really hadnt "grown" up myself yet. My grand party life as I new it came to a Screeeeeeeeeeeeeching halt!! Single, living at home with mom & dad, no more job in the city. Half a bachelors degree with no plans to finish it. And the father wanted nothing to do with either one of us (more about him later...Karma is a bitch). What a drastic change in my life.

I wouldn't change it for the world.

More tomorrow.


Mrs. Bunker said...

oh shit. I need a hankie. What a beautiful baby (big and little girl pictures). How's your belly doing? Sound like it was pretty awful.

peedee said...

Thanks. She's aiit. lol

The belly seems ok. Still little bit of cramping but eh, what can ya do. It'll be fine. I'm invincible. =D

Gia's Spot said...

She is adorable!! You obviously did a fantastic job if she is in the Navy! Not one of the "easy" branches to get in! Yikes, 21 !! You old now, momma!! ;}

PS am on the cruise on thursday the 30th !! gets in around 10 or 11 I think... I know thats a "school" night....

peedee said...

Haha!! I think it makes me sound older to say I have a 21 year old vs just saying I'm 43. lol

Send me an email Gia. Its on my profile page. We'll get numbers and try to make something happen.