Friday, July 10, 2009

Cast Off! Woot!!

I got my cast off todayyyyyyyyyyyy!!!! Yippppppyyyyyyy!!!

Went and saw Dr. GeorgousIWouldntSayNo and he said its healing nicely. =D I get to just wear an ankle brace for a while. Way better than a cast for sure!! My knee, now thats another story. Gotta go get one of them MRI's. Again. My knee has been so x-ray'd, MRI'd, CT'd it should be glowing by now. But he needs it for Blah. ACL replacement is next. The only good thing is that I wont have to wear this monster bionic knee brace anymore when I play softball once he's done fixing it.

So the cast comes off and the smell...well its not so bad. But the fur!!! 0_0 Its pretty bad. A month without shaving has me looking like one of them au-natural european women. Yuck.

And I thought this was kinda funny. I have a tattoo on my ankle/foot. Its actually three seperate tattos that have all been tied together over the years. It started with a hibiscus on my foot about 10 years ago. Then I got this fabulous hibiscus on my ankle when I was in Venice Beach, Cali about 5 years ago. Then about 2 years ago I got my favorite tattoo....he's a tiki. He's awesome. And he's a true replica of a tiki I saw a pic of a long time ago. And well, ummm, I guess I should just spit it out....He's a tiki with a peepee. Yup, a penis. I've known my tatto artist for years. She's a friend of my sisters and she kicks ass! I gave her free reign when she drew him and he came out almost perfect. EXCEPT one thing. Remember the peepee?? She drew him uncircumsised. What?!?!? Oh hell no! Yuck. My tiki must be circumsised. She fixed it for me with the swipe of her pen, then he was perfect.

Well my Tiki (who I named Chaos) is usually smooth and perfect. Cause I shave!!! Its South Flo-rida y'all...shorts everyday ya know! Anyway, the cast came off today and my beautiful boy was hairy!!! ewww. He had a hairy chest AND even worse, he needed to manscape really badly. Needless to say I took care of it for him. =D

World, meet Chaos.
This pic really shows the detail...he really does look like wood. hahaha wood. Get it?? (click on pic to enlarge to see detail)

This pic is how he looks after he was completed with the wave.


Gia's Spot said...

WOW he does have a penis!! LOL I don't believe I have EVER seen one on a tattoo or on a Tiki lol hahahah its a great tat though! Jeesh and all I have is a tiny hummingbird sipping the nectar out of a flower in the groin area :)
But congrats on the cast.. and have playing softball this weekend!!

Gia's Spot said...

Unn yeah have fun too!

peedee said...

I once got a mosquito bite on his lip. It looked like he had a herpe. lmao!!

And softball Monday Night!!!

It feels really good. I'm surprised actually. =)