Friday, July 3, 2009

Days Gone By

These were taken last year - 4th of July weekend. I cant believe a whole years gone by already. I cant believe she's been in the Navy for 8 months on Sunday. I cant believe she's gonna be 21 in 3 weeks. Where does the time go?

And you know I gotta mess with shit.

Please also note how flat it was that day. =/

I Miss Your Smiling Face My Baby Bug!!!


Gia's Spot said...

Great pics! Aww she know how much you miss her???? I bet with that foot limiting your action its making the alonlies worse, huh?
Did you get to the beach and read a great book? I love the Jaws pic! The movie was made right here! Yup, woods hole, marthas vinyard,etc!! Umm yeah I still hate the water cause of that shark!lol Have a great fourth!!

peedee said...

She misses me *almost as much. She's busy doin cool stuff so ya know how it is. But I still get the calls at 12am...."Moooooom, I wanna come home =(" Then I get to talk her into not going AWOL. lol She gets over it pretty quick.

And she flew up to your neighborhood this weekend to hang with my sister in Baw-ston.

And no beach yesterday. flippen nasty, nasty storms came in. Its nice this morning so I'm debating a little excursion to the beeeeeeeeach!

peedee said...

Gia, she just called me....she's sittin by the Charles, listening to the Boston Pops and Neil Diamond waiting for the fireworks to start. She and my sister were actually singing Sweet Caroline to me. lmao. I wish I was there!!

Gia's Spot said...

Ahh that explains your next post... Lonely Mom! That dam foot is also not helping!! So why didnt you hop on a plane and see her in Beantown?? Flights are cheap I got one for 160.00 round trip. Or tell (ask) her to meet you somewhere!! I feel your lonliness and empathize so much!! Oh my word verification is blesses!!

peedee said...

She's back in Pensacola this morning and I'm plannin on a visit July 24th weekend for the birthday.

I'm still apathetic. lol