Tuesday, July 21, 2009

T-Minus 4 days till 21

So I'm getting used to this baby who came into the world looking like a drowned squirrel. It wasn't pretty. Then she fattened up and turned into a beautiful baby.

The funny thing is I didnt want to know what my baby was going to be. So I didnt let them tell me when they did the sonogram. And besides, my mother (7 kids) aka: Dr. Spock told me I was having a boy. I was carrying all in the front, you couldnt even tell I was pregnant if you looked at me from behind. I gained all of 25lbs. I actually lost 2lbs the last week. And I couldnt eat enough. I was always starving so that kinda confuzzled me.

So when my baby boy was born, weren't we all surprised that he was a she!! I didnt even have a girls name picked out. uh oh. So she remained un-named for 3 days. And she wore a lot of blue clothes for most of the first 3 months. lol

I ended up naming her Lauren Jessica. I had read a tragic story in the newspaper about a week before she was born about a new mother (named Lauren) who was killed in a car accident on her way home from the hospital with her new baby. I guess I just remembered the name and kinda liked it. I had only known one Lauren growing up that I went to school with so it really wasnt that popular (at the time). And Jessica is after my mother.

She wore dresses and had curls for miles. She became my world. Great baby that hardly cried, woke up happy and loved loved loved to sleep. My mother says I didnt know what having a "real" baby was like. I had it too easy. I think it had to do with the fact that my mom made me very relaxed and told me not to stress about her. Mom said she'd be fine and live through most anything I did wrong. It obviously worked.

Elmo had insomnia...

Thanksgiving 1992

My Little Red Riding Hood

Theres more, tomorrow.


Gia's Spot said...

Great post, Peedee!! Does Lauren read this? Her smirk as Riding hood is precious!!

peedee said...

No, the only person that reads this that knows me is SuperBadJack.

That smirk is because I busted her eating a piece of candy before I checked it. (halloween obviously)