Thursday, July 30, 2009

poking dead things with a stick

I'm not really into poetry. Never have been. Maybe if I considered music and the lyrics poetry I could be ok with that part.

I definately dig long walks on the beach. If I could live ON the beach my life just might be complete. Maybe I wouldnt bitch so much ya know???

And poking dead things with a stick....well thats just whatcha do! I've always done it and I thought everyone did it, but I'm finding out, not so much.

Random post I know, but I'm in that type of mood.

Meeting up with Gia tonight for beveragessssssssss!!


Mrs. Bunker said...

I never got the poetry thing much either. I considered taking a class, but why refine my taste when it takes so little to please me? roses are red, etc. that all I really need.

peedee said...

Shit, I thought Green Eggs and Ham was poetry. I LIKED that kind.