Monday, July 6, 2009

Remi - Evil Deeds

So I decided I needed a laugh this morning and I dont feel like working at work, so I'll make myself laugh. Cause if I dont laugh at this I'd cry. =)

Most labs are chewers. Jake on the other hand was in the .099% that didnt chew anything. I guess I was spoiled. Remi is THE chewer from doggy hell.

This is what he accomplished in two months last fall when I lived at the old apartment. He did a month long stint back in the pokey (crate) for doing this and it cured him for the most part. He still loses his mind every once in awhile, but its no where near as bad as it used to be.

Oh, and he ate a brand new pair of polarized Ray Bans too, but I cant find the pic of them.

This is the convict. Good thing he's cute or he might not be alive after what he did.

Exhibit A - The blinds...Before I moved I changed out approx 15 blinds.

Exhibit B - My (at the time) brand new Ikea Chair. No, really, it was maybe 2 weeks old when he did this...

Exhibit C - My $300 hand made Mexican Inlayed Tile Table...BEFORE

Exhibit C (a) - AFTER *Its really much worse than this at this point. And all 4 corners are all chewed even. Kinda looks like it was planned that way now. I'm getting glass tables very soon. Yeah, go ahead and chew on some glass. I dare ya.

Exhibit D - The Coup De Grace..... My Effing Laptop!!!!! He had a couple of hours of access when he did this. You know he started and thought to himself, "she is going to f**k my world up for this, I'd better stop". He's lucky he didnt mess the screen up. BTW...I didnt f**k his world up as much as I should have.

I love my dog, I love my dog, I love my dog, I love my dog, I love my dog, dont kill him, I love my dog, I love my dog, I love my dog, I love my dog.


Gia's Spot said...

Ok so I was gonna get a dog cause I am sooo quiet here... I was gonna get a dog cause I wanted companionship.. I was gonna get a dog cause your pics always are so cute and I started to remember Kimba and Rueben, a white and black lab I had growing up that were soooo adorable,,, I was gonna get a dog.. until I saw this post and remembered that LABS eat everything!! So thanks Peedee for reminding me.. I can't afford to replace all m y stuff if I get a dog!! bwahhhhhhhhhh

peedee said...

NOOOOOO! The good outweighs the bad. Just crate him/her until they are through the stage. Remi can be trusted again. He hasnt been in a crate in over 5 months. lol I feel bad now. Get the puppy dog!!

Mrs. Bunker said...

You still got that cast on?? you could probably kick him pretty hard; just don't jack up your ankle.

What about shoes? does he chew shoes? That could be the deal breaker in my house.

peedee said...

Well he doesnt really chew anything anymore. He's gotten better. But i must say he was quite infatuated with my Reef sandals for awhile. :( I used to have like 10 pair. Now i have 3. BUT he doesnt do that anymore. He really is lucky he's cute.