Saturday, July 18, 2009

shitty fucked up luck lately

ok, Imma make this short. I got my cast off last friday. I played softball blissfully monday night. I go to work wednesday morning, pulling in ontime, 10 minutes to 8:00am. As I'm getting on elevator to go upstairs my stomach starts to hurt. hmmmm. I dont want to get personal, but I thought I had to go to the bathroom. By the time I get upstairs, I'm realizing, something is seriously wrong. Definately not right. My stomach fucking hurts. BAD. What to do, what to do. Its getting worse. Almost cant stand up straight. One of my bosses gets out of the elevator and takes one look at my face and said, "Do you need to go to the hospital?" We work in a building right in front of a hospital. I said, "ummm, omg, my stomach, omg, oh shit, YES!!!" Him, "Do you want me to call an ambulance?" Me, "NO!! Lets go." Oh shit, its bad.

I half crawled, walked over to the ER. I'm in agony, and they want to triage me. 0_o If I had a gun at that point I would have used it. On myself. Never have I felt pain like this. Not even childbirth hurt this much. If it did, that pain came and went and the end was in sight. THIS SHIT JUST KEPT RIPPING MY STOMACH APART AND IT WOULDNT STOP. I was delerious pretty soon. Begging. Swearing. Praying to a god I dont believe in. Pain is rightous. It'll make you say anything to make it go away. I'd have made a deal with the devil I dont believe in either.

I'm too tired to put all the details down. Maybe another time, but lets just say, 10mg morphine, CT w/contrast, IV antibotics, two days inpatient and they come up with eschemic (sp?) colon (across the top, down the right). I dont know. It stopped hurting so I busted out last night. No worries, I got them to sign me out. Not without them wagging fingers at me saying I needed to stay another 2 days. I could die. oh my. No, my dx will let you keep me 4 days whether I need it or not so you can milk your DRG. pfft. Just give me the script for Levaquin and I'll follow up in two weeks.

WTF???? I'm over this shit.


Gia's Spot said...

Oh shit!! Thats not so good, peedee!! I was wondering where you went to!! I looked up Ischemic colon and yours seems to be the yucky one? I wonder if the cast had anything to do with it if it was some kind of blood clot?? And then playing softball dislodged it? What the F do I know though!! lol glad you are ok though! Who took care of the pups?? ha work verification is deardr no lie!!

peedee said...

you know, you must have read the same article as I did! I saw that thing about having a leg injury and the blood clot thing too. hmmm.

Ummm, my neighbor took care of the boys. Thats one of the main reasons I broke out. I missed and was worried about them. Even tho they were perfectly fine.

I feel fine now, just a little cramping but I think thats normal.

I never get those good word verifications!

Gia's Spot said...

Well get better, my visit is coming up!!11 days and counting down!!