Thursday, July 9, 2009

Ninja 500R

I want a bike. Specifically this georgeous piece of machinery.

I've ridden many a motorcycle through the years. Friends, neighbors, any one I can get my hands on and its the crotch rockets I love most. The Kawasaki 2009 500R Ninja is built for beginners, the best to learn on and most of all fun to ride. Being its only a 500cc I'm not so sure it should be called "crotch rocket" though lol. I want black and I want it NOW. I'll wear a helmet even though we dont have to here in Flo-rida. Yeah, I know I'll get the comments about donorcycle, vegetable this and that. But quite honestly, as a medic, I ran calls and unstrapped a lot more dead people in cars than scraping up dead bike riders. Way more.
My dads always said I could get a bike "over his dead body". Well, I'm 43 years old dad. This is not negotiable anymore.

I need a goal. This is it. And not ONE word from you Jack.


Michael Morse said...

500 cc at full throttle is most definately a crotch rocket!

Rock on, and go get one. Daylight is burning!

peedee said...

yesssssssssssssssssss. An endorsement! woot woot!!

Gia's Spot said...

I swear you are reading my mind!! I second the motion!! One more and its yours!!

Oh and we are probably going to be on the thursday cruise on the 30th... getting shit together!!

peedee said...

yayayayyay!!! weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

And let me know exact dates and we shall embibe. I've got a great place to take you guys near the port.

SuperBadJack said...

Wait, what do you think I would say?

I mean I told you I fell off that 700cc trying to impress people...but sheesh if you want a bike and you'll wear a helmet, that's much better then answering your cellphone whilst riding the Vespa of doom.

Even if it has fancy stickers on it.

Bam 3rd endorsement, go buy it and sell me your vespa.

peedee said...

Oh Jack. Your comment is epic fail even though your endorsing.