Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Word"y" Wednesday and my obsession with the Eff Word

I do love this word. I should be the one in the Navy, not my kid because I have the mouth of a Sailor for sure. I don't even equate the word "fuck" with the "act" of well, you know, THAT anymore. Its just another word. Its almost been de-vulgarized by its overuse. ::sigh:: and much to my fathers dismay. He gets so pissed when it comes out of my mouth.

I mean, its not like I use it in EVERY sentance. Just a few. And never when I'm at work on the phone with clients and docs. Maybe with my co-workers and always out of earshot of those who dont like to hear such language. I have couth!! I know not to throw it out there in front of little kids and in certain public areas.

I dunno, its just another verb, adverb, adjective, command, interjection, and noun now. I mean "Fuck the fucking fuckers.", is a real sentance. mmhm. See!
Its also very usefull and fun to insert it into other words and make new, more usefull words.



And who could forget, Cindafuckinrella!

And just saying, "fuck, fuck, fuckity, fuck, fuck" outloud should bring a smile to your face like it does me! =)

Some of my favorite sayings:

Funny stuff right there! lol

And from the Fuck This Website some cleverly placed "fuck" stickers. They even have a book!!

And tell me you non computer geeks like me don't feel like this when something happens to the GD Laptop, AGAIN!!!
(click to enlarge)

So there it is. My opine over the word fuck.


Red Shoes said...

What the FUCK?!?!?!

Let's see... I got into a discussion last night with someone about the definition of 'fuckface'... and that led to "fucktard"... and I honestly have no idea where we wound up in the urban dictionary... but it was funny...


vixen kitten said...

Ahhh, you left my favorite one out.


As in "Which one of you furryfucks puked on my bed AGAIN?"

It's generally directed at the 3 cats, and always the day after I've taken the duvet cover off to wash it. I can't for the life of me figure out why they can't do their hairball puking the day before it's washed.

Ummmm....yea. Welcome to my life. :)


Beryl said...

Fuck imho is the little black dress of words.

peedee said...

Shoes, Fuck really is versatile. Isnt it??? lol

And VK thats new one to me!! But I dont have cats so I guess thats why. And I've trained Jake and Remi to puke on tile only. Makes life sooooooo much easier. Although it doesnt stop them from jumping on the clean bed with wet/muddy feet on a regular basis. =/

Beryl, A-Fucking-Men Sister!! muahs!

Anonymous said...

Vixen, I do like the "furryfucks", going to add it to my list.

But P, I'm kind of lo-tech and usually just am simple about my use of the word. It's the only word I use in frustration. With me, it's always "Fuck!!!", or "Fuuuck", or if for some reason it doesn't work the first time, it'll be "Fuck, Fuck, Fuck"


Red Shoes said...

LOL!! I had NO idea I was going to have a 'FUCK' post today!!! It was just... natural!!!!

Yeah... nothing says it better...

'Furryfucks'... LOLOLOL


peedee said...

And SCRN, majority of the time its a simple FUCK for me as well. Its those witty moments in my day that the other gems come out.
And I wish you had a blog. Just sayin. ;)

I've seen more post on "fuck" or with massive "fucks" in it the last couple of days Shoes. It MUST be the word of the week!!

Ann T. said...

Dear peedee,
I, too, love the word Fuck and do not associate it to any sex act any more.

I fucking love it layered too, as in, fuck you you fucking fuck, LOL!!

I have to watch it though--specially when I'm tired and at work. B/c it DOES come out.

ROFL, Fucking love this!
Ann T.

meleah rebeccah said...

saying, "fuck, fuck, fuckity, fuck, fuck" outloud DOES make me smile! All the time!