Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Twofer Tuesday +

Better late than never with the Twofer Tuesday post.

When Lauren was home last week I sync'd our shared iTunes account. Its basically something called "homesharing". We both log into our iTunes while our computers are sharing the same wireless access and then our computers talk to each other and it gives mine all the music she's purchased/ripped/downloaded since the last time we did it and the reverse from mine goes to hers.

It actually saves us a bunch of money and time. You see I dont get the stuff she buys or downloads when she's in OK or her mine. We may share an account but purchases are limited to the device its purchased on until you do this little share thing.

And when we do this I get the newest gems she finds and hasn't told me about yet. I got around 120 songs from her. A lot I knew. Those I didn't are the gems.

V.V. Brown is one of those gems I'm talking about. She must have brought the whole album because about 9 of Browns songs are in my iTunes now.

I'm in love. As usual. lol I honestly like every song on this CD and its hard to pick just two. I'd advise you to go to youtube where you can find most of them. Brown is an English singer and she hit big across the pond before they let us in on the secret. She has such an array of sounds. Some songs are jazzy - bluesy, some islandy, some soul, some dancy and some even sound a little old school Motown.
Sorry I cant post the actual videos for the songs and only the music. Island Records has them blocked from posting for whatever reason. pfffft.
My #1 pick is my favorite song so far.

V.V. Brown - Bottles

This song is gooood. A slow groove that I adore. I think most of you would be surprised to learn I'm a hopeless romantic. This song just tugs at my heart. ;)
V.V. Brown - I Love You

And I can't help myself. I have to post a third song.
This is her hit song. You can go see the official video here. And if your ok with just listening I've posted it.
V.V.Brown - Shark in the Water.

Tell me your thoughts. Do you like her???


Ann T. said...

Dear peedee,
I like the first song the best. And i like her look! Thanks for the introduction to her! She's got a lot of different styles, too, which I think is more entertaining than only one.

Ann T.

Linda Medrano said...

OMG! I love her! I've got to get some of her music! She is fantastic! Thanks Peedee!

Old NFO said...

First one is the best of the bunch.

peedee said...

Agreed Annie! I like her different songs. Keeps it interesting. ;)
Glad you like her!

Good Linda! She is pretty good and I'll definately listen to her for a long time. Your very welcome. I love introducing new music to people!!

I'll take that as you like it NFO. lol Good!