Sunday, August 1, 2010

Weekend Love

Somebody, and I'm not sure who, really screwed up when they were deciding how many days we work vs play. Weekends should be 5 days long. Just sayin.

Yesterday morning, Saturday, dawned sunny, blindingly bright and hot. Nary a cloud to be found. (par for the course in SoFla). We hit the beach early. Chairs, umbrella, cooler and towels all set up and chillaxin by 8:00am. Its my favorite time on the beach because I Love the early quiet without anyone around. The ocean was like glass too. Quite the opposite of last weekend when we had riptide warnings and multiple drownings all along the Gold Coast.

Smoooooooooth as glass

With a GREAT View! Love the early morning eye candy. Yummy! =)

Momma turtle saw fit to lay her eggs right behind my lifeguard stand.

Do Not Disturb!! I wish I knew when they were gonna hatch. I'd love to see the babies scramble for the waters edge.

I think (?) they hatch during full moons so they can see the light reflecting on the water and its kinda like a guidelight. I dunno, I could be talking out my ass for all I know. I will look it up because I do want to see this awesomeness one day.
But if I was right, we just had this full moon the other night so......I dunno.

Anyway back to the weekend.
Sunday morning (this morning) dawns sunny, blindingly bright and hot. Nary a cloud to be found. Hmmm, sound familiar?? Yeah. Everyday is like this in SoFla in the spring, summer and fall.
Rolled out of bed (actually gently arose due to flippen shoulder), bathing suit on, coffee in hand, laptop under arm, boys at my side, we strolled out to the pool. Remi was swimming by 7:00am. Jake was well into his first nap by 7:18am under the shade of the giant rubber tree.
Remi wastes no time. He's swimming two seconds after entering the pool area.

Its early and hot as hades already. I'm thinking.....a dip in the pool is in order.

4 hours, two cups of coffee, 1 sugar free Redbull, multiple dips in the pool later, here I still sit.
I could definately do this 5 days a week.

I do HEART Weekends!!

p.s. I'm still losing weight. =) More on that later this week. Happy Sunday all!

So I'm sitting here and my iPod spits this little gem out....I could do 5 day weekends if I were a billionaire! lol


Southern Sage said...

Looks like fun to me, except the getting up at frickin daylight!

Linda Medrano said...

You have a gorgeous tan, and Peedee, the bod looks Rockin! I love the photo of the napping pooch! All of this sounds like it would work for me 5 days a week too!

peedee said...

I dont choose to get up that early Sage, the boys get me up. =/

thanks Linda! I'm working on it! Jake is toooooo cute isnt he!! Lets just do the 5 day thing. Screw the world. And taxes, and our jobs and everything! lol

vixen kitten said...

Hang on, Honey and I are on the way! Ahhhhh.....I gotta tell you, though, we are usually going to bed in the 7am-ish hour. So, we will prolly see you and the boys poolside around 1:00ish, mmmmk.

Loving all the pics.


peedee said...

C'mon Vixen!! We'll prolly be doin the same next weekend!
We'd have soooo much fun and the boys would be scrambling for Honeys attention!! Glad you enjoyed the pics! mauhs =)

Ann T. said...

Dear peedee,
Oh, this is how I felt in my old back yard in the garden. It's like you can just bliss out and be one with the universe.

Too cool! I'm glad you had a great weekend!

Ann T.
I bin werken on projects and not so much on internet.

Beryl said...

I really shouldn't open my eyes on your blog until I scroll DOWN.


a dog is SO NOT something I should be entertaining right now and you put up that "I'm the most adorably happy well loved puppy in the whole world" picture.

*shaking fist at peedee before hugging her*

peedee said...

Yes Annie, the backyard/pool is definately a sanctuary for me. And I had it all to myself for most of the day yesterday. I like that once in awhile. =)

LMAO Beryl. I cant help it!! I think everyone should be loved by a dog. All The Time! You may not think you have time right now, but if you had a dog you'd do it automatically. ;) Hugs girl.