Sunday, August 8, 2010

Pics from the Showwwwwww

Soooooooo Thursday my sister and I went to a concert and saw two groups that we listened to a lot in the old days. Yeah, that would be the late 80's and early 90's. Which at my advanced age of 44 is quickly becoming the old days. You can read about my excitement here or just scroll down to the post before this one. The "specialness" of the groups we saw is all written up down there.

I must say they were much more tame than I thought they'd be. It was a downright fun night with good music (IMO lol) and a great crowd that rocked. I cant get youtube to upload videos tonight so someday I'll get them loaded and show you.

My Life With The Thrill Kill Kult

Lords of Acid

Maybe my best pic of the night

Its true, no undies. =0 LOL

This guy was sooooo cool. He reminded me of Lenny Kravits.

This cute little matching haired couple stood next to us for awhile. Actually very nice kids. Bet you thought otherwise. ;) Remember we dont judge, we critique!


Beryl said...

Wait, you've seen Lenny Kravitz's balls?!?


peedee said...

Why yes! Yes I have! Lol. Sadly this little Lenny wannabe had tighty whiteys on. =)

vixen kitten said...

"Which at my advanced age of 44 is quickly becoming the old days."

Ummmm....yea...I'm pretty sure I will be hearing these guys on Dick Biondi's oldies station any day now. *snort*

Sheesh woman. Cut yourself some slack!

You are not old. You don't look old. You don't act old. Get that silly idea outta your head.


nitebyrd said...

Great pictures! I'm old but I still adore going to concerts. They're the MOST fun thing!

peedee said...

lol OK OK VK!! I'm not that old yet, but its happening!!

I love it too Nitebyrd, its just so expensive these days. Back in the day, $20 - $30 bucks was the norm for shows. Now its $50- 100 for them. Not worth it to me!