Thursday, August 12, 2010

12 Seconds

I made it 12 seconds into this video before the blubbering began. 10 minutes and a half a roll of toilet paper later my eyes were all but swollen shut and I'd run out of snot. I know this feeling. I've felt this feeling. Its an awesome feeling like no other.
Thank you to Every soldier, past, present and future for what you do, what you sacrifice and what your families sacrifice. I do appreciate you.

My mother would kill me if she knew I posted these pics. lol
This is the first time my mom is seeing Lauren in 6 months. It was the first 6 months in the military so it was new to all of us, not just Lauren. November through April is a long time to not see your beloved grandchild. Especially when you witnessed her birth, watched her grow up through the school years (sometimes living in your house), see her graduate high school and then see her off to Boot Camp. She didn't go to Laurens PIR (graduation) from Navy Boot Camp that January because she doesn't fly. Not even for her beloved granchild.

It would be 4 more long months after that graduation before her grandbaby sailor could come home on leave.

Anxiously we wait. We know the flight has landed. Where is she???


This is 6 months of missing all wrapped up in 1 minute.

Still she cries!!

Her grandparents couldn't stop touching her.
I get it. During PIR weekend, I couldn't touch her enough either. I still can't when I see her. lol

1/2 day of work for me Friday and its all about the beach for the next 3 days.
Have a fantabulous Friday and weekend all. muahs!


middle child said...

Holy Fuck! I looked at the pics of your baby 1st and that started me crying. I know you warned us but did I go get kleenex? No, my tank top is SOAKED with tears. Wow!
Here's the thing, I have this major patriotic streak and I don't know where it came from but let me put it this way, my daughter's wedding, I didn't cry until I saw the ushers in uniform. So - awesome video.

vixen kitten said...

A friend sent this to me the other day. I think I was crying in about 12 seconds too!

The little girl sitting on Santa's lap when she sees her Daddy made me snot everywhere!

When I saw my son at his AIT graduation, after 20 weeks away from home, I cried so hard strangers were coming up and hugging me and giving me tissues!

Thank you for sharing this.


vixen kitten said...

And the pics of your daughter and your Mama and Daddy were priceless beyond words.

She is blessed to have so many who love her so deeply.

You give her a hug from me and tell her I send my thanks and gratitude.


Dee said...

kee-rap. I bawled and bawled. And laughed, and...

God bless our service men & women, and the families who make the sacrifice

Mike said...

I didn't weep (I'm manly like that) but I was touched. We are neighbors sort of. I work at MIA, and live near Homestead. No beach for me, I'm headed to the Keys.

USA_Admiral said...

Great post that left quite a few lumps in my throat.

God Bless our service members for all they do as well as their families for the great sacrifices they make.

KrippledWarrior said...

Didn't anyone tell you? "THERE AIN'T NO CRYING IN THE NAVY?"
;-) that little girl & her Dad get me every time.

Linda Medrano said...

I got tears when I looked at your stunning Lauren walking along in uniform! How proud of her I know you must be! Bless her heart!

I don't think people who do not have a family member in the Service will every completely understand the emotions that are so strongly felt when you do. Fear, joy, terror, pride all in equal measures!

Old NFO said...

Amen... Good pics and yes, family IS important to the service members...

peedee said...

lol MC its ok, I bawled too! I'm super patriotic and was even before Lauren went into the Navy. I guess we were born with it! xoxo

YES VK, she kills me too. "Daddy??" "I Love you daddy." Too much!
I lost it at PIR too when I got my first look at her. Oh so flippen emotional those ceremonies are!
I love those pics too. They are such happy ones. I will let her know and do the same from me for your son! xoxoxo

Amen Dee! =) xoxo

Its ok Mike, us women have a "cry" switch. I can cry at the drop of a hat. I'm just mushy like that. lol Hello Neighbor! OOOOOH!!! I wanna go to the Keys!!! I'll be going camping in October down at Bahia Honda Key. Always a good time. Have fun this weekend!! And thanks for stopping by. I'll come visit you in a bit. ;)

Yes Sir Admiral. I had a really lumpy throat and my eyes were leaking like crazy. xoxo

Haha KW. YES there is! The momma's cry all the time. lol xoxo

I'm stooooopid proud Linda. I'm proud anyway but the patriotic proud is a different level. Thank you for always telling how beautiful she is. And your right. I feel the emotions more now that she is in. xoxoxooxo

Mmmhm. You would know NFO. xoxo

Beryl said...

ugh...milssupport you getting me where I live...I refuse to hit that play button. I don't have a drink ready and I forgot to cover my eyes when I pulld up your blog...(damn puppy porn again)...nope can't watch now. All my mushy was blown on the puppies.

Have a great weekend! Your family rocks!

Shelle-BlokThoughts said...

OH hey! we posted the same video! HAHAHA! You apparently posted it before I did. But I thought this was my first time to your blog... but I think I've been here before... not sure when, but sometime.

Anyway... the emotion came right away... but I lost it at a minute and 42 seconds or somewhere around there where the girl is in the santa outfit.

Sweet pictures... The emotion is definitely evident on their faces.

the observer said...

Awesome pictures of your Navy girl! And yes, you got me too with the video. I worked at the VA for about 4 years. Many of our vets are awesome people. Some of them gave a lot to keep our country safe.

The Observer

Angelia Sims said...

Oh those pics of your parents seeing Lauren - sooo sweet!!
Your mom especially! I can't imagine.

I haven't watched the other video yet. Honestly? I have a sinus infection and the snot volcano eruption would probably bury small children (and Brownie). I'll save everyone a nasty rescue op. Ha.

I never tire of your pride. Lauren is a very incredible girl!!

Linda Medrano said...

Beautiful doesn't begin to cover it. She's knock em dead gorgeous! And in that uniform! Wow! I love her too!

nitebyrd said...

OMG! I'm usually immune to sentiment but at about 1:03, I was crying like a fool! And continued crying through the pictures of your daughter's homecoming.

I pray they all come home safely.

Omnibus Driver said...

Thanks for sharing those beautiful and moving pix!

peedee said...

lol, thanks Beryl. They do rock. Someday you should meet them. Good people all!! x0x0x0

Yeah Shelle, I saw that. The videos been going around Facebook for a couple of days now. Its awesome!!

Yes T.O., many gave some, and too many gave all. Thanks for stoppin by hun. ;)

lol no worries Ange, no river of boogers needed! And I oooze pride. =)

I heart you Linda!!! muahs. =D

Its an emotional video Nitebyrd. I'm not sure anyone is immune from it. Even the boys get "lumpy" throats. Tks hun. x0x0

Your welcome Leslie. I love pics of my kid!! =)

Ann T. said...

Dear peedee,
I'm wet past the collarbone from crying. Oh, what a video. Still weeping.

The pics of Lauren too. OMG, they're about heroes in the military but also all the love and pride of a good family.

Thanks for posting,
Ann T.

meleah rebeccah said...

Great. Now I am SOBBING!!!!!!!!!!