Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Twofer Tuesday

Jammin tune from an older Album called Blowback by a guy named Tricky.

Tricky - Excess *See if you can guess who the female is in the background...

That would be Alanis Morissette. =)

Tricky is an English artist with a whole lotta sound other than rap coming from him. He's got an old soul and an old school vibe. Back in the day, according to Wikipedia he set the stage for Trip Hop. Its a mix of reggea, rock, rap and soul.

Its good stuff if you ask me.

Another one of my favorites off the Blowback Album:

Tricky - Evolution Revolution Love

This song makes me wanna call my boy and have him come over. Everytime I hear it. Super sexy vibe. ;)

Give it a chance and listen to him. Its not what you think if your thinking rap. He's got style and these are the catchy songs. You'll like them I bet. ;)

Have I steered you wrong yet??

And I can't resist.
Bluesy, SeXy aSS song......mmm mmm goooooooood. Dayyyyummn.
Tricky - Puppy Boy

Happy Tuesday, damn near Wednesday!! Weeeeeeeehumpinday!!


meleah rebeccah said...

I *heart* Alanis Morissette!!

peedee said...

Me too! lol A LOT!! I have to do a twofer for her soon.
Do you like the Tricky songs??

Southern Sage said...

well I didn't listen but I believe you!

Angelia Sims said...

I can't get the videos to play. Wah! I'm too tired to click over to YouTube but I totally rock witcha!

You know I love music, and I heart Remy and his cute puppy face!


Did you see the pictures I posted on Monday of Salem being used as a chair by Jason's four-year old? Labs are so versatile! Haha!

Beryl said...

coolness! I'm having K come over and take a listen, too!

vixen kitten said...

Loved the last one, Puppy Toy!

And the baby pic is almost too cute to stand! Gaaaaa. He is adorable!


peedee said...

Listen already Sage. Headphones. ;)

Not sure why Angelia...although if you're on your iPhone, thats probably why. Mine wont play video's unless its directly from youtube. stooooopid. I'll go check out Salem when I get to work, I'm runnin late as usual. Happy Birthday girl!! xoxo

Glad you like Beryl. ;) xoxoxo

lol he is cute VK. Stoooopid cute. lol and I adore that last one. mmmyummymmmmm! xoxoxo

nitebyrd said...

I'll have to give them a listen when I'm at home. Thanks for sharing!

peedee said...

You'll like 'em nitebyrd. =) xoxo