Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Wordless Wednesday - Dont Look Beryl Version!!!


Ann T. said...

Dear peedee,
I guess everyone's sleepin' but you.

Much love, sistah!
The pix are of all adorable creatures!

Ann T.

peedee said...

Whats this "sleep" thing you speak of Annie??

ugh. ::cranky pouty face::

vixen kitten said...

Remi was such an adorable baby! I love to see how much they love each other. It makes me feel quilty for letting Honey be an only child. *sigh*

Hope you're feeling better, Sugar.


nitebyrd said...

Those are some perky dogs you've got there! LOL They look adorable.

Beryl said...


Cuddly puppy porn?

PUPPY PORN?!?!?!?!?!

Yer killin' me!!!

I'll get you.



Gia's Spot said...

Oh Beryl, that was just wrong of her!!
Glad the shoulder is healing even if you can't sleep!

Linda Medrano said...

Those photos are so awesome! The pups are so gorgeous! As is the girl!

Beryl said...


I may as well admit that my last dog was a black lab mix named Remy.

Yeah. No shit.

You really are killin' me here.

Hope you are doing better today, mama.



peedee said...

OOOOOOOO VK, he was edible when he was a baby!! I couldnt get enough of him!! I hated leaving him to go to work and he went EVERYWHERE with me back then! lol Spoiled rotten. They both are still.
The reason Remi is in our lives is because of Jake. He needed a companion after we left my parents house after Lauren graduated High school.
And I'm feelin a little better. TY hun! Muahs!!

Thanks Nitebyrd, lol. I picked all sleeping, snuggling pics on purpose. Annie hit the nail on the head. I'm not sleeping because of my shoulder. But soooon, supposedly I should be turnin that corner and snooooooozing! Cant wait and thanks for stopping by!
And we'll definately set something up for next month to meet! Exciting!!

LMAO Beryl!! Puppy Porn!! lol, I'm still giggling over that. I did warn you though!! I don't mean to make you sad really I dont. Just look at them and enjoy them until you can get some pups of your own!! You can be Aunty Beryl if you want. ;)
I think you should set a goal to get a couple of pups. Like Christmas or just after in January or Valentines or even next summer! That way you can be prepared and have something to look forward too. =)
And who/what did you name your Remy after?? I had my Remi's (with an i) name picked out long ago. I had a black lab growing up and have wanted another one for years. Jake is Laurens dog and she got to pick him out...She's always liked the yellows. So I had to wait to get my dog until we were out of my parents house.
Anyway, I picked the name Remington longggggg ago! lol Remi has been named for years, I was just waiting for the right time and him to be borned! I think its a cool name and its after the gun. Because technically he's a gun dog. He would have been an awesome retriever! He carries a toy EVERYWHERE he goes, even when peeing. He has a real gentle mouth and never tears up his babies. He also swims, as you've seen, like a fish!! He really has missed his calling. lol Thanks for stopping by even though you knew it would be pics of the boys. ;) muahs!! xoxox

Thanks Gia. ;) You see me whining on FB daily about lack of sleep. lol muahs!!

Thank you Linda! Your right! All my babies are beautiful!
XOXO x's a bagillion!!

peedee said...

I just looked at my last comment.

I have serious vomit of the mouth when I talk about Remi dont I?!?!? lol

Beryl said...

I got her jst after Stoic and I got married and she died about two years ago so she must have been about thirteen...I just liked the name it suited her. She was a prissy dog...yeah she was more like a tomdog. heehee

I'm already cruising rescue sites...damn puppy porn.ack so f-ing cute.

the observer said...


Spooning dogs and humans--especially those perfect dog spoons--you've melted my heart!

The Observer

Bloviating Zeppelin said...

Oh man oh man -- WAY past the "too cute for words" angle I was gonna take.


peedee said...

Thanks T.O. and BZ!! They are uber cute!