Sunday, August 29, 2010


Its raining again today. The fourth Sunday in a row. Only today it feels appropriate and I'm ok with laying on the couch, wrapped up in my puppies and watching stupid movies all day.

Even after 44 years the universe still finds a way to blow my mind.

Thank you for everything.
For listening, making me laugh and most of all for making me feel good and confident about myself.
That last part sir, was priceless.
You can't buy confidence, it is in us and sometimes it needs someone to help us find it and believe it.
My life is better because of our interaction, however short it was.

Until we meet again....which I have no doubt will happen, someday. I have to believe that.
xoxo Muahs.


Today is brought to you by the ugly redheaded step child of Sunday Funday; Sucky Sunday.

Cryptic post, but it is what it is.


vixen kitten said...

He just knew a beautiful woman when he saw one.

He especially loved when the inside of a woman was as beautiful as the outside.

Don't you ever forget that, Sugar.

love you,

Linda Medrano said...

Keep that pretty chin up!

Old NFO said...

Hang in there Peedee!

peedee said...

Thanks VK. Nuttin but love for you girl. xoxoxoxo

Its up Linda, promise. Thank you. :) xoxo

And thank you NFO. I appreciate that. =) xoxo

nitebyrd said...

He knew good people when he met 'em. And what VK said is true - he went for the beauty inside as well as out.

Yeah, the "universe" sure can kick your ass sometimes. It's a particularly big kick this time.

peedee said...

ty nitebyrd. muahs. xoxo

Ann T. said...

All good peedee.
Always good.