Saturday, August 28, 2010

Bad & Good - Good & Bad

I'm 6 weeks post-op of my shoulder surgery (rotator cuff tear). FUCK this is taking forever! I've been a good girl too! PT 3 x's a week religiously and following all the rules. I finally got about 90% range of motion via Passive movement. The therapist does all the moving of the arm. Each day it moves a little further. Its painful as hell while he's doing the movement, but no pain, no gain. And it doesn't really hurt that bad once he stops moving it. Somedays its a little achy later in the day. When I first leave PT my arm feels like I played a game of dead-arm and lost. Remember that game?? I used to it play with my brothers. I lost then too. lol

Today I got to start resistance movement. Yippeeeeeee! Its the beginning of the end of PT kids. Its not building muscle, just getting the muscles used to moving my own arm again. I've been out of the sling for about 3 weeks. Came out of that way early after begging the doc. I couldn't stand it. He gave in. =)

So that being said, I am now moving my arm on its own. Given permission to do the movement has me cruising along at record speed.

I am sleeping better at night. I still wake up, but not nearly as much as before. I'm sleeping enough that I'm not a cranky bitch all day so thats a bonus. lol

So that brings me to excercising. I have hardly excercised since I had the surgery. I tried walking again a few weeks ago, but I just can't do it. Its so boring I'd rather watch weeds grow. I tried, I swear. I fell June 30th and have done little to no excercise since. I was really losing the weight and toning up beautifully when I was blading. It was the catalyst to the curves I rediscovered my body had. I was blowing thru 15 mile runs 4-5 nights a week. I miss rollerblading with a passion. I dream of it some nights lol.....I MISS IT SO BAD!!

The great news is that I have not gained any weight back. I weigh myself every week or so and I've gone up and down a couple of pounds since I fell but never more than 2lbs in either direction. I do eat more than when I was dieting but not nearly as much as I used to pre-diet. I definately changed my eating habits over that 4+ months and its sticking. .

So I'm going tomorrow morning to a park up in Pompano Beach with my boss who used to rollerblade with me all the time. Its right next to where the Good Year Blimp's hanger is. Its got a five mile bike loop around this park with pristine smooth path. Super smooth and no rocks. No curbs, no cross streets, no cars stopping or turning in front of you. Its easy peasy and its perfect for blading.

I can't wait any longer. I need to excercise.

I promised before and after pics awhile back. I have delayed doing this because I am not done. I lost 44lbs and have kept it off like I said. I still have probably 15-20lbs to lose. I'm not so worried about the final number because I'm more looking to lose my gut, which is not nearly as bad as it was, and to tone up and get some definition. I don't like pics of myself. I take horrible pictures. I don't mind my body (NOW) so much but ugh I just don't like the pics. You'll see.

This was around Christmas last year. I was peaking at my heaviest weight ever.
Fatty McFatty

Look at the arm in the pic above....look below. This was May 11th. Almost two months into the weight loss that I started March 15th. I had lost 27lbs at this point.
I can't wear this shirt anymore. Its too big.

This is a telling pic. I don't necessarily like it, but its shows a definate difference.

This is the weekend of Laurens birthday, July 24th. I'm on the right.

So thats it so far. More lbs to lose and I'm gonna get back on track.
Have a great weekend all! Muahs


Southern Sage said...

Tell Laurens friend to put her hat on straight!

Being the weight loss Guru that I am it looks like you are doing good! Don't fall roller blading!

Southern Sage said...

oh Im diggin the specs!

Momma Fargo said...

You look fabulous, peedee! Very proud of you! Keep it up. No more accidents, tho. Perhaps you should invest in Charmin and tape it all around you.

Anonymous said...

P, that car pic really does show it. Wow, great job.

But you just CANNOT tell a nurse that you are going to go rollerblade so soon, and get away without a slap upside the head!



peedee said...

LOL Ok Sage, will do and thank you! ;) xoxo Those are my Sarah Palin glasses by the way. =)

Thanks Momma!! and um yeah, smarty ass. I'll do that. lol xoxo

Ouch SCRN!! Geesh. lol I fuly expected that from at least one person. lol And thank you. ;) xoxo

vixen kitten said...

Damn, you are looking good!

I already told you how I was lovin the glasses.

Really, I am!


Old NFO said...

Glad to hear things are going well (or at least better)... Hang in there Peedee!!!

Linda Medrano said...

You look effin gorgeous! I love the photos! And you look awesome in glasses. Peedee, please be so careful. This is scaring the hell out of me!

peedee said...

Tks VK & NFO! ;) xoxoxox

Tks also Linda. No worries! 15 miles on the Blades this morning and I lived!! weeeeeeeeeee!!!

Ann T. said...

Dear peedee,
That pic of you in the glasses makes you look GOOD. When I come down, we're going to pick out some glasses for me b/c you do a Great job! And other of your pics I've seen are good too. Not to mention you lost the 44!!! You're ahead of me and maintaining through PT is a distinct accomplishment.

I think two pounds back and forth is normal, isn't it? Anyway I'm late to this post but my admiration is unchanged!! You're doing everything right.

I'm even going to say the rollerblading was for your sanity. But please please be careful!!

Okay, as usual you blow me away!

Have a great day!