Saturday, August 1, 2009

Its official - Zombie Knee

Well I saw Dr. GeorgeousIWouldntSayNo yesterday morning. He's my ortho for those that dont remember. He's operated on me bones multiple times in the past 12 years or so. And he's gonna operate on me again. August 28th is D-Day. Or should I call it ACL Replacement Day.

The MRI results were positive but not in a positive good way, but a positive you've screwed your ACL up pretty bad kinda way.

I've opted for cadaver replacement. Doc says its the way to go. Fastest recovery time and less painful than the other option (using your own harvested patella tendon). He explained everything to me in great detail. I trust him emphatically. He says I should be playing softball in 4-6 months...weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee here we go again!!

Cadaver = ewwww if I think about it too long. I know its just one ligament but well, it gives me the willies. So I wont think about it. Zombie Knee. 8/

I'll be riding the bench for awhile. That bums me out.


Mrs. Bunker said...

Yikes. Sorry to hear that you're going to have to go through that. You need to quit softball and hit the shuffleboard I need to quit running and hit the shuffleboard circuit; unlikely. Hot doc should help ease the pain though, right?
can you keep playing up til surgery?

Gia's Spot said...

Eww Yeah I know the feeling of the Zombie cadaver parts!! Had dental surgery and they had to replace alot of bone in my jaw with CADAVER bone.. Why did they tell me?? I am forever freaking out about it... its been almost a year but still I think about the dead guys shit in my mouth......
Nice meeting you, Peedee and when I come back here, Im gonna take you up on the beach thing!!
And WTF, Edith? shufflebboard?? Umm you guys are a bit too young for that yet!!!!

peedee said...

Hold up there Gia....the shuffleboard circuit down here is pretty intense. They take that shit serious. Leagues, team shirts, with sponsors like Depends and DentureCream.

I love hot doc. He is awesome. He spent 40 minutes with me at my appointment the other day. Going over the MRI, showing me with drawings the two possible ways to do the surgery and going over the rehab after surgery. We decided together the best procedure to do for me.
Then he made me pinkie swear I wouldnt play softball before 4 months minimum (he knows me well) lol.

And I can still play up until my surgery. I wear the bionic unloader/acl stabilizer knee brace. I'm annoyed though, I'm gonna miss playoffs. pfffffft.