Thursday, August 27, 2009

The Proof is in the Pudding.

Ok, I finally got it on video. Remi having what I believe to be a siezure.

(Since no one was able to tell me how to do that linky thing to a previous post, see here for the origional story. )

I've posted it on FB and gotten lots of responses and the overwhelming thought is Canine Epilepsy. I sent the video to his vet and she is supposed to get back to me with her thoughts. Man, I really dont want to put my boy on meds. Phenobarbitol aka: peanutbutterballs is gonna make him a slug. At least thats what I'm afraid of.

Ok, heres the video. Its sad but not too bad. My poor puppy.

And some details:

He's not quite two years old...September 23rd is his 2nd birthday.

He cant open his mouth when its happening.  Its clenched shut.  His head also shakes a bit, I dont know if you can see that in the video.

He seeks me out (as you can see on the video)

He is aware the whole time...his tail is wagging and he's lookin right at me.  He does have a scared look to his eyes tho.

It doesnt last more than a minute and it always is the front legs affected.  Sometimes worse than this video.

Its happened about 8ish times in the past year.  (that I've seen)  This is the first time I've gotten it on video.

It may happen again tomorrow, next week or two months from rhyme or reason.

He is perfectly fine afterwards.  And Before them as far as I can tell.

If anyone out there has any input, feel free. I'm taking all advice at this point.

I love ya Remi-Roo no matter whats wrong with ya. I'm in it till the end.


Capt. Schmoe said...

We had a dog that would start thrashing around like that every month or so. Typically you would hear him banging around under the table or something. We would just move hime from anything that he could hurt himself on, after a few minutes he would be done. A little post-ictal time and he was 10-8.

We opted to forgo meds as we didn't like the idea of a sluggish dog. His seizures were not that frequent and we didn't let him drive anyway!!

As far as I know, he was never injured as a result of the seizure activity. He lived a long a happy life.

It was painful to watch sometimes though.

Good luck.

Mrs. Bunker said...

OK. now I'm sad.

peedee said...

Yeah, the vet finally called me back today. She said his last bloodwork is all normal so its gonna be classified as idiopathic epilepsy. Probably born with it since it started under 2 years old. She said its up to me, but his seizures are short enough that no harm is probably being done. Im gonna think on it but more than likely forgo meds. Unless there is some big change.

The driving comment made me lol Capt!!

It is sad Edith while its happening. But just know as soon as its done, he's looking for a toy and running around like a nut case again. Like it never even happened. He's so silly.

Gia's Spot said...

My sister's baby ,Ebony, had them and they put her on the meds at first but took her off after she turned into Zombie Dog, but she lived just about forever and got fat and lazy and remained Queen of the castle till the end of her days! * moral of the story= all she needs is love!*
Good luck with your decision it's not an easy one, Peedee.

peedee said...

Yup Gia, the more I think on it I dont want to do meds.