Saturday, August 15, 2009


Goin to see Dave Matthews Band tonight. Never seen him live but I hear its a great show. Im kinda excited cause I like a bunch of his songs. We'll see!

Oh, minor detail....its my good friends 40th birthday tonight. And about 20 of us are going to this show to celebrate her birthday with her. Mayhem may ensue!!!!!!!!!!!!

Happy Birthday Michelle! Love you!!!


King of New York Hacks said...

Its a great show...great vibe, you'll have a great time.

peedee said...

Your right King, it was a great vibe. The crowd was fabulous. I enjoyed the show a lot. Before I go to another one tho, I will download some more of his music so I know more songs.

Gia's Spot said...

Peedee, makes ya feel old,eh? I went to see The Fray, who I LOVE,LOVE,Love. While they were playing, my sisters and I were up out of the seats rockin and rollin and we looked around and all the kids were SITTING DOWN- holding their phones open (like we did with lighters?)and noone moved.. they were like stuck in the seats!! It was pretty freaky... just wanted to share that!! But Ilove DMB too, only I wouldve known the songs, cause they are on my ipod!! Now I'm looking for Coldplay tixs!! Glad you had fun!
Yeah this is a weird comment but I am not changing it!

peedee said...

lol its all good Gia. Actually I think this crowd was kinda like a modern day Dead Head crowd. They were jammin and didnt sit down thru the whole show.

Kristamom said...

I've seen them live in concert before. Tons of fun! But anytime I get to escape out of the house and oogle over a hot guy with a great voice can never be bad!

And I was a modern day dead head fan at one point in my life too, fortunately there are no pictures from those years :)