Monday, August 17, 2009

Once a monster always a monster.

Michael Vick is a monster. He'll always be a monster. If he hadnt been busted he'd still be brutally abusing dogs. Fucking asshole. This pisses me off. We are now being given the stories of the dogs he abused. Most of them make me want to cry. Its criminal what he did and yes he went to prison but for what?? 18 months?? Now he gets to play football again??? What happened to the indefinate suspension?? No NFL team should have picked him up. Eagles = IDIOTS. He gets to do what he loves??

He's been on tv talking about how he is so sorry about what he did. I dont buy it. From his 60 minutes interview last night:

"Vick expresses remorse for his crimes, saying he cried "many nights" in prison.

"And, you know, it's no way of, you know, explaining, you know, the hurt and the guilt that I felt," says Vick at one point. "And that was the reason I cried so many nights. And that put it all into perspective."

Vick also says he was disgusted about his actions while reflecting upon them in prison, saying, "I was disgusted, you know, because of what I let happen to those animals. I could've put a stop to it. I could've walked away from it. I could've shut the whole operation down."

Yes you COULD HAVE, but YOU DIDNT. You're only remorseful because you got caught and fucked up a multi million dollar career.

From all the dogs you abused let me say: FUCK YOU ASSHOLE!

GIVE ME A BREAK! He killed dogs because, they were injured. He killed dogs because they lost a fight. He killed dogs because they were no longer useful. Fucking Pig. He drowned dogs, hung dogs, smothered dogs. He really makes me want to puke. I'm not even getting into the actual fights themselves and what happens to the dogs. Disgusting.

I'll never respect him. EVER. Karma is a bitch Michael Vick and I pray she fucks with you the rest of your life. I hope she fucks you so bad that you cant play football anymore. Then you can become a used car salesman and suck so bad at it that you get fired. Go live under a bridge somewhere.

I dont "hate" many people. It takes way to much energy. But I hate Michael Vick. I hate all the assholes who set up and participate in this disgusting "sport" of dog fighting.

Dog Town took in 22 of Michael Vicks dogs and is trying to rehabilitate them.

More video. This video gets a little graphic showing the dogs.

Rant over.


Epijunky said...

He's a sick fuck. Pardon the language, but... well, yeah.

He would have never stopped had he not been caught. Plain and simple.

Sisu said...

Fucker. That"s all I have to say. And now I have to give my pooch a smooch

Gia's Spot said...

Yeah he is a sick jerk... but why not more outrage when women are beaten and killed? children raped and killed? He served more time for his crimes against animals than the average rapist! Why is that? Doesnt take away from the fact that he did what he did and now he can resume his life, right back where he left off, making millions playing sports, will he be an idol for a child to emulate?? Like OJ(murder)?Mike Tyson(rape), Tonya Harding (assault)Ray Lewis (murder) Guess it really does matter who you know and how much money you can slip into their hands! The media drops the story so fast, they will be forgotten after the first "win". Oops did I hijack your blog, Peedee? Sorry, you know those nights where everyone is an a$$? I'm having one!!

pinky said...

I would also be concerned about child abuse, rape and murder. The person who does stuff like what he did to those dogs could be capable of all sorts of crimes. I think the police should keep and eye on Michael Vicks!

peedee said...

I hear ya Gia. Not taking anything away from what your saying, but I'm bitching about Michael Vick. He's my point of contention today.

mayopie said...

I live in Atlanta. Was a Vick fan. Now I want him to be electrocuted, drowned, or repeatedly slammed into concrete. OR all of the above. There is no cure for sociopath.

peedee said...

"There is no cure for sociopath."

Tell it brotha!