Sunday, August 23, 2009

My Other Half

My sister is back for a visit from Boston. She just moved there about 2 1/2 months ago. (I cant figure out how to connect the old post I wrote about when she left so maybe one of you would be nice enough to tell me how.) I new I missed her but didnt realize how much until she arrived back here. She is so crazy. I missed the crazyness. I missed the shared knowledge of "everything" that you have with someone you grew up with. We talk all the time when she's gone, but it just isnt the same as face to face time.

She's following her dream up in Boston. Trying to put together a portfolio of her photography work. I hope it works, I hope she can make a living doing something she loves. She's got a great eye and I LOVE her work. The best part is that I'm not the only one who loves her work, a lot of people do and that can only bode well.

She's been here since Thursday and I've had too much to drink on two nights already and more partying on tap for today and a few other nights this week. My liver does hate me. Its worth it though. I've got to cram all the fun into 12 days. And I'm actually getting jipped cause I have surgery this Friday so I'm thinkin I wont be partying too much next weekend.

But like true sisterly love, she's takin me and picking me up from my surgery and I suppose she'll tend to my sorry ass that first day. =) I appreciate she's gonna give up a day of her vacation and dote over me.

I love all my brothers and sisters very much. (and there are a lot of 'em) But Gingers my "other half" if thats possible with a sibling. She knows more about me than ANY other person on this earth.

Party on. Sunday Funday is up next.

I want to share some of her work with you. I only picked a few out of hundreds and hundreds of beautiful thought provoking pics. (she has started taggin her photos, thats the watermark you see. I guess so they cant be stole'd from facebook and such.)

She loves the buddha stuff

a painted pony


When it absolutely, positively must get there... She has the wonderful ability of catching people "moments".

Makes me smile, a lot.

Some can move me to tears

unbelievable sunrise in Chicago

thats Lola, my niece and Jake & Remis cousin. =)

And this is my amazing sister, the photographer.


Gia's Spot said...

Great photo's! And apparently your liver has forgiven you and you threw it under the bus again?? lololol Glad you are having a great time before the stress of surgery! Your sis def should pursue the photographer thing!!

peedee said...

Thanks Gia. =)