Tuesday, August 4, 2009


A fellow blogger made a comment on another fellow bloggers post that reminded me of my youth. My old radio station WNEW-FM New York was the shiznit. I miss it a lot!!

Every Tuesday was Two Fer Tuesday. My two picks for today....


I've seen Springsteen live probably 20 times. After all he's a Jersey boy and I'm a Jersey girl so its inevitable. And heres a tidbit of info...I've cried every time I've heard Thunder Road live. I have no idea why. Just makes me cry for some reason. Its definately one of my favorites.

I saw him a few times in surprise shows at the Stone Pony. Those where the best. Another favorite and part two of my Two Fer Tuesday: 4th Of July

I dont miss NJ. I love Fort Lauderdale. Really I do.

But sometimes, I miss the Jersey Shore in the summer.

Have a great Tuesday all!


Mrs. Bunker said...

I was sort of indifferent about Bruce until I saw him in concert in the early ninetys, it was the best concert EVER. I still get weepy when I hear some of his songs.

Also, make sure Dr. handsome ain't chumpin' you on stupid "cast changes"; that is unless he's doing it personally & making it worth your while.

peedee said...

No cast for this surgery.

One could only wish for personal service from him. ::sigh::

Capt. Schmoe said...

Yeahhhh maaaannnn, two-fer Tuesdays rock!!!!!!

Also, Schmoe is shocked, again.

peedee said...

Hey Capt. it was your comment on Micheals post that reminded me of two-fer Tuesdays!

And I'm trying to figure out why your shocked.....and appalled. hmmm. ;)