Sunday, January 17, 2010


I'm so sad. The Cowboys didnt even show up today. As a friend of mine said on Facebook, "What a waste of a playoff game". I almost agree.

Everything looked like it was going so well up till today. I let myself grab onto that glimmer of hope, that this year was gonna be different, that Romo would lead us to the promised land.

Alas, its over. Another season gone.

I'm gonna be at the Pro-bowl this year. In case you didnt know it, the NFL had this bright idea to move it to the Superbowl city (Miami) A WEEK BEFORE THE SUPERBOWL. Personally I give the NFL a FAIL for this. But, I wont complain. It'll be fun and I want to check out the NFL experience stuff that goes on the week before the Superbowl.

The games not until 7:30pm, WHAT??? Its on a school night for flippen sakes!! I got smart and took that Monday off. I have a feeling I might be a tad hungover cause the group of people I'm going with never fail to throw a shit show tailgaiting party.

Oh and the Saturday before the pro-bowlers have practice at Lockhardt Stadium which is right down the street from here. I'm gonna go get my Jason Witten jersey signed. =)

Tony is a cutie.

And Jason Witten is not too shabby either...


Angelia Sims said...

They're still my BOYZ!!!

peedee said...

They're my boys still too. Always. =)