Thursday, January 7, 2010

WTF Al Gore?!?!

Knock knock knock....umm Al, are you there?? Oh no, I forgot, your flying in your jet all over the world trippin on your own carbon footprint creating nothing but hellacious heatwaves for us to all roast to death in.

Oh wait, what was the temperature in Sunny South Florida this morning and yesterday morning and the day before??? Yeah, a balmy 34 degrees. I was wondering why my A/C hasnt kicked on in over a week. We're roasting all right, while pulling icicles out of our ASSES. Get a grip buddy and find something else to bitch about and scare the world with. Stop being so bitter that Monica didnt choose to play your flute. Although you should be thankful because if you had done anything with her and Tipper had found out she'd have ripped the poor little sluts tits off.

Orlando airport shut down. Nooooooo, not another stinky skidmark stained underwear bomber. They.Have.No.DeIcers.For.The.Planes! Doh!!

Ok, so I'm gonna write an open letter to mother nature because her son Snow Miser is trying to pull a fast one on all of us. The word on the street is that another cold front is coming thru this Friday night and there exists the small possibility of rain Saturday morning. They're talking temps in the low 30's. Now my experience growing up in the great white northeast is that rain + low 30's = snow. WTF? Although I think it would be really cool to see snow flurries in Fort Lauderdale I'm running out of patience with the whole cold thing. We Have NO heat in my office building either. HELLO???I'm over it. Its exhausting to think about what you have to wear in the morning so you dont freeze all day. I've lost that ability after 20 years in South Florida.

Even the boys are not diggin this weather so much. At first they'd go outside and be all super frisky running and jumping around enjoying their fur coats for probably the first times in their short lives. Now its out to do the business then back in. And thank goodness for them! They keep me extra snuggly warm at night when the winds are howling outside. Please note, I broke out the flannel penguin sheets for the cold weather.

And the cold weather must have made Jake lose his mind cause he's all up on my pillow which is a big No No!

I must say at 6:51am this morning while standing on the back porch waiting for the boys to finish their business a beautiful sunrise presented itself.

Stay warm where ever you are my friends.


mepsipax said...

Fuck winter in it's cold asshole. It is in the mid twenties and shit. Brrrr.

Mrs. Bunker said...

oh, man up you babies!
Easy for me to say up here where we have heat and snow plows; what happens to palm trees in the snow?

Ann T. said...

Dear Peedee,
I hate the cold too! But I am very hurricane-phobic so I guess it works out.

It's true when you live in the South, they don't even SELL the right clothes. Everybody is running around looking like the back half of their laundry hamper, trying to get enough layers on.

I love the penguins!
Snow tomorrow--in the land of hot air and public policy,

Ann T.

peedee said...

Ann T!!!! I cant comment on your blog! I have to download IE I guess cause firefox wont allow me too. And dont worry bout me too much, I'm a sweatshirt whore! I'm warm enough. ;)

Edith, the iguanas are falling out of the trees!! Its soooooo cool to see! I'll have to get a pic of one. Dont worry though, they are just in some sort of zombie state until it warms up.

Welcome home Mepsipax. Glad to see your vaca didnt soften you any. lol

Ann T. said...

Dear Peedee!
I had no idea this was a trouble! Lately I've been having to hit my "submit comment" box twice. I do not know what is up with all this.

Anyway, I'll check w/ known probs at Blogger and see what's going on--but I wouldn't waste any time on IE I'd use google Chrome. Much faster and more flexible!

If you can comment to Captain Schmoe, he's on Blogger too--with comment moderation--so this makes no sense.

I love a soft grey sweatshirt. It is not flattering but I do not care.

Ann T.

Ann T. said...

Apparently Firefox has a problem w/ the embedded format I chose for comments, but i think it will work now. Sorry about that . . .

Mrs. Bunker said...

I can comment on Ann T. and Schmoe only through IE (as instructed by you). No luck with Safari or Firefox, haven't tried Chrome.

peedee said...

No worries Ann T, I have a work around.

and yup Edith, when I'm home I have to pull up IE to comment on the Capt's blog. He's lucky I like him. ;) But at work I can comment on his fine. They must use IE. I'm gonna try Ann's to see if the change she made makes a difference. If not then I'll just use the IE.