Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Prepare Urselves

I got an award. A blog award. My first. Your thinking, "The Fuck??" Yeah, I thought that too. But someone likes me and now I get to bestow it on some blogs that I like.

So prepare yourselves. I shall bestow tomorow. Its too late to do it tonight and I spent too much time on my fabulous farm on Farmville and I'm tired. Ooops. Sorry.
Feast your eyes on my farmyness....
The barns and coops up on a rise

My badass house up on the hill for my farmer to kickback in after he's done workin the farm..



oh and a Remi update....He's been on the phenobarbitol (or peanutbutterballs as some of my old patients used to call it) for two days now (4 doses) and I'm happy to report that he is still the same spastic, crazy puppy so far. This is good. And the bloodwork came back mostly normal. His liver enzymes are normal but his thyroid is low. We, me and the smart doc are trying to figure out what to do with that little tidbit. I'll keep ya informed.

Have a good night all. I'm going to sleep hoping the people of Haiti can catch a flippen break sooner or later. I'm prayin for them.


Ann T. said...

Dear peedee,
Congratulations on your award! Best blog in SoFla???

I am very glad to hear that Remi's improving in health without losing his personality and joie de vivre.

I want to know about this Farm Thing. What in the world is it? It looks fun.

Ann T.
P.S. Let me know about the relief effort. I am truly interested.

Gia's Spot said...

Congrats Peedee!!
Hooray for Remi,
I don't get the excitement over Farmville on Facebook,
and my prayers have been nonstop for Haiti (or at least the good people there!) Happy days, Peedee!!

Angelia said...

Wow, I missed a lot! Love the PIC! :-)
Glad Remi is doing better. I used to fly a lot of higher ups in Haiti around, so my heart is torn over this tragedy and I'm praying.

You deserve the award! Yay! And your farmville looks badass!

Off to the doc!

Mrs. Bunker said...

Glad the pooch is doing ok! I had someone who calls it his "pheno barbarchair".
Now, lets talk about that playpen up above; the slats are WAY to far apart and the rail is way too low; it's probably been recalled like 10 times by now, how on earth did you ever survive?

peedee said...

you'll see Ann! And farmville is a game application on Facebook. Its addicting as hell. You create and run your farm. And mines beeeeeeautiful!!

Thanks Gia, Remidoodle is doing really good!

Glad you like my farm Angelia, and good luck with those wumps!

And Edith, I have this pic on my Facebook and a couple of people have mentioned the issues with that playpen. We survived a lot of things when we were little...playpens being one of them. It is a miracle we are alive considering what our parents didnt know!!!