Sunday, January 3, 2010

New Addiction

I have a somewhat addictive personality when it comes to certain things. Thank goodness I dont like drugs/alchohol or this could be a real problem.

I'm hooked. Big.

I give you my Farm on Farmville.

And boy do I have big plans. I'm going with elevated land and a big house as soon as I save up enough coinage. Watch out Farmville land! I only started two weeks ago and I'm at level 27 already. Although its getting harder and takes longer to level up now. My goal is level 50 by the end of January. Good thing I cant play at work. ;)

The holidays went really well. I had a fantastic time with my siblings, family, friends and Lauren. I'm still trying to recover as my older sister just left yesterday. It was a longgggg two weeks. I've got pics and some fun stories that I need to get motivated to write about. Hope everyone had fun!


Angelia said...

Oh no! Not you! I have sooo many FB friends hooked on it. I have (yet) to look. I have an addictive personality too and no time for Farmville. (it does sound so fun tho)

peedee said...

yeah, I avoided it forever until Lauren came home begging me to "just join and be my dont have to do anything". pffft.

Gia's Spot said...

OMG I just don't even get the whole Farmville scene at all! Or things Like Sorority Life (girl at work does this ) and ahem, Peedee, I must say I almost missed the sentence where you said "Thank goodness I don't like drugs/alcohol" I think this is a fib, a downright dishonest statement, (ok not the Drugs part) but If I am not mistaken, a whole lotta drinkin goes on around the pool, in the keys, at the club with the hotties, etc.!! So maybe not addicted but certainly showing a "like" for the stuff! (I can be found with a Bud Light Lime following me around on a warm day!)lol

peedee said...

OK already, I like alcohol. I'm addicted to Farmville. I didnt see the draw either until I tried it. mmmhm. different story once you try it. And I'm a video game junkie from way back anyway so maybe thats why I like it so much. Idunno.