Friday, July 9, 2010

The Landlocked Sailor Visit - Part 3, aka: final chapter!

Soooooo, where were we?? Oh, part 3 of the trip to see the sailor. Part 1 is here. And part 2 is here.

On Sunday morning after our breakfast with Angelia and Jason, we were going to visit the home of My Boys!!! The Cowboys new stadium was right down the street from where we stayed in Arlington and this place is so big you can see a glimps of it from everywhere!!

Lauren had brought us tickets to go on the self guided tour and I was beyond excited!! I've loved the Dallas Cowboys since I was 9 years old. I've loved them through the great Superbowl seasons and the shitty 1-15 seasons. I take all the crap that being a Cowboys fan brings with it. I love them. No Matter What. And I was going to see the newest, best stadium ever built. How lucky was I???

We arrived a few minutes early before the 11am opening of the tours so we walked around the pro shop and I drooled on Every Thing. I felt like a kid in a candy shop!!! I did end up getting a practice t-shirt and a hat. At 11am they let us in. I could honestly go on and on and on about this stadium and how flippen awesome it is! But I wont bore you. I will say it truly is Jerry's World and no expense was spared.

I will say that when I finally got up the stairs and walked across the concourse and saw the field with that Giant Star I damn near cried. I've waited a long time to be in my boys home and I felt like I was home.

I'll let the pics do the rest of the talking. And there's a pretty awesome video that I think you'll get a "kick" out of. =)

Me and Tom. Greatest.Coach.EVER.

That HD Television is 50 yards wide. 0_o

I'm On.The.Flippen.Field. OMG!

My two favorite things. My sailor and my star. =)

Just chillen on the field.

YES!!! I was in the LOCKER ROOM!!

The Miller Lite Club. This is where the Boys enter the field. How cool is that!!

And this is special. Very special. How many people can say they've done this....

Scorrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrre!!! Yeah, my baby rocks!!

I didnt want to leave. =(

I'm not sure Ginormous is a big enough word to describe this place.

We only planned to spend an hour in the stadium but ended up being there 3 hours! There was so much to see and tons of guides with lotsa information. I was in my glory. lol

So we left the stadium and headed back to the OKC. We had to get back and check into our hotel because we had dinner plans. We stayed in Bricktown which is an area in downtown Oklahoma City. We had a great dinner at Crabby Jacks and then watched some fireworks from our room.
I cant get decent fireworks pics for my life. Definately need to work on this skill!

We were too tired to do much else and it was a nice relaxing evening. Totally needed! We stayed at the Marriott and they have the best beds ever that just invite you to snuggle up and sleep. And sleep we did! We were in bed and passed out by 10:30pm and slept till 10:30am the next morning. Sorely needed!!

After sleeping in till 10:30am we got up and prepared for our last day together. It was hard to believe 3 days had just flown by. Lauren wanted to take me to the Oklahoma Federal Building Memorial so we headed that way.

Let me just say that this is the most sad and beautiful place I've been to in a long time. The events that occured there 15 years ago and perpetrated by one of our own citizens just made me angry when I saw the site. Seeing the memorial fills you with sadness and the beauty of it is just inspiring. The hope it inspires made me believe that there are way more good people in this country than bad. If only they could do something like this at the WTC site.

68 Murdered.
Nine rows of chairs representing each floor of the building.
Each chair in the row represents a victim and the floor they were on.

The smaller chairs are the children.

The Tree of Hope. This tree survived the bombing.

I'm so glad they saved this.

Still here 15 years later.

I walked around the memorial with tears in my eyes. This made them fall.

After we left the memorial we went back to one of Laurens buddies house and relaxed. We laughed some more, talked a ton and ate some good Mexican food.
That night I stayed at her barracks with her. The two of us in her twin bed. lol It was just like old times when she was little and wanted to snuggle mommy. =)

5:15am came really quick. She drove me to the airport and we said our goodbyes. No tears though just lots of hugs and kisses. It was a good, satisfying trip that we spent every moment together having nothing but fun. It was just like old times when I had her all to myself. She'll always be my baby, but she is not a baby or a teenager anymore. She is a woman with a life and job and friends of her own. It was awesome to take a peek inside.

Thanks for reading ya'll. ;) Muahs.


Ann T. said...

Dear peedee,
Oh, wow, each day was better than the last!
Tom Landry WAS the greatest coach ever. Truly. He was one of a kind, in that fedora and overcoat.

And OKC. How beautiful to see that it is still remembered and kept well, visited, tended, and made a pilgrimage to.

I cannot believe how grand spanking wonderful this trip was. I am SO GLAD you got to go. You'll never forget it, ever. And you have 3 blog posts and I bet even more pix to remind you.

I am so happy for you,
and you look great.
And Lauren looks great,
And you are a great mom,
and great big tears are poppin' out.


Capt. Schmoe said...

Pullease. It is bad enough that my medic is a Cow-patty fan, he manages to make football season twice as long. He is trying to get me to fly with him to Green Bay this fall to see my mighty Packers whup up on the boys from Texas. And now you. Sheeeeeit.

Actually, that was pretty golly gosh darn cool that you got to see the new stadium. You will remember that for a long time. What a weekend!

That looks like a pretty good firework picture to me. Even pro photographers struggle with fireworks, the lighting, color or focus is slightly out of whack. I took 60 images on the fourth, I wasn't happy with any of them. Whattaya gonna do?

The Murrah Building Memorial is truly sacred ground. A good friend of mine was the night operations chief there during the rescue/recovery mission - it changed his life. I am going back to Louisville Kentucky this fall. Thanks to this post, I am going to stop. My allergies will likely give me fits and my nose will run and my eyes will water.

Thanks for the report Pee Dee it sounds like you had the perfect weekend. Except that the dogs weren't with you.

middle child said...

What a beautiful post. She will always be your baby. I have made my daughter sit on my lap and we just hugged like when she was little. I am so glad you had this time with your daughter and that you say some amazing things. Peace. (God bless your daughter and keep her safe.)

peedee said...

Your right Annie, each day did get better! I actually MISS Tom!
Wonderful. Thats a great word for this trip. =) And I've said this before....she makes it easy to be a mom. Everyone should be so lucky.

MC, she actually sat on my lap this weekend. I think there was a lack of seats at her buddies. It feels soo good to wrap my arms around her and just hold on. Her "smell" is like a tonic that I fill up on and save for those days I miss her the most. And thanks for the compliments. :)

See Capt!! THATS exactly what I'm talking about. Shit from every other NON Cowboy fan I meet. lol Lauren and I are seeing about getting tix (even the standing room only ones) for the last pre season game in Dallas. Its against Laurens team - Dolphins. How sweet would that be!!
And out of about 25 pics that was the ONLY usable fireworks pic.
And Please go to the Memorial. You wont be disappointed, I promise! And there is a museum there that cost about 10.00 AND make sure you see it during the day AND at night. Its supposed to be even more beautiful at night with the chairs lit from underneath. I'm sorry we didnt see that!
I missed the dogs something fierce while I was away!! lol

Gia's Spot said...

Looks like the trip was more than you hoped for! Those memories will sustain you through anything! I completly "got" the smell thing! I only got a minute of it in June, but it is enough for this minute! I will see them in a month!
I am amazed at how much you squeezed into those three days!! And remembered to take lots of pics for your blog friends to drol over. How effing cool was that video of Lauren making the goal??? That seems like all your dreams wrapped up into that one moment!! So glad you are recharged! (Now we have to cordinate a meet with AnnT.)

Red Shoes said...

Wow... the photos of the Murrah Building Memorial are SO sobering...

Tom Landry WAS the man!!! The rest are trying to catch up with him...

It sounds like you and your sailor had a blast...



vixen kitten said...

I know nothing about football....but I know something about being a Mama. You, Sugar, are one of the best! What a great trip!

Now about that football place. Damn! I know everything is bigger in Texas, but damn! Just look at you all kinds of happy in there!

The Federal Building pics were amazing. I loved seeing the chairs. I remember so vividly when that happened. But I do have to ask who the hell leaves a bath scrunchy as a memorial? Gotta give it to's a pretty color!

I am so happy you had these 4 days of memories to treasure. Thank you for sharing them with us.


Linnnn said...

The little chairs for the children. I still lose it every time I hear about that and can't believe it is 15 years later already.

On a lighter note: You two really know how to have fun! I truly enjoyed your descriptions and photos of your trip. thnaks for the peek inside your wonderful life and the blessing that is your terrific daughter.

the observer said...


Sheesh, Cowboys. Really now...but so neat that inside view. I would love to stand on the field at Arrowhead, or Kauffman Stadium or the new Giants Stadium.

I have always wanted to go to OKC to see the Memorial. I agree with you, something like that for Ground Zero would have been nice. NYC is all about the Benjamins so that has influenced their decisions a great deal.

Wonderful posts--I almost felt like I was with you all. Best to your daughter and I thank her for her service to our country :-)

The Observer

Angelia Sims said...

Awesome, awesome, awesome. I am so happy you got to make the stadium your playground. It will never be the same! YAY Lauren! GOAL!

Linda Medrano said...

What a fabulous trip! You are looking splendid! My family is in OKC and that memorial is really something.

Old NFO said...

Glad you got to the stadium Peedee, and yes the OKC site is worth seeing and the reflection it brings...

peedee said...

Gia it was a jam packed trip but totally fun! And yes, We do need to plan a little rondevous with Annie!

And Red, Tom L was an amazing coach. I didnt fully realize how amazing he was until after he retired. I do miss him on the sidelines.

Thanks VK, you're a pretty amazing momma yourself! We both have awesome kids!!
Some of the stuff on that memorial fence was really heartbreaking and other stuff was off the wall. Its funny you picked up on the scrunchy. Lauren did too.

Thanks Linnn, glad you enjoyed. I had fun putting them together. And like Annie said, now I have a written account that wont let me forget some of the details. =)

Oh almost started hating on my Boys there! lol
I wish they'd put the politics aside for the WTC memorial but that wont happen and I'm sorry to say, the politicians will probably mess it up. As usual. Thanks for reading hun..glad you liked it!

LOL Angelia, it was ALL mine for a few hours!! If we get tix to the game, you and Jason should come with!!

Thanks Linda! And it is a wonderful memorial, beautifully planned and executed.

I wanna live in that stadium NFO! And your right as usual. ;)

meleah rebeccah said...

Holy flipping amazing trip! Thank you for posting everything and sharing your experience with us. You certainly made some LIFE LONG and memories! And you sure took full advantage of those once in a life time opportunities!

How wonderful!

Welcome Home.