Thursday, July 8, 2010

The Landlocked Sailor Visit - Part 2

Ok, so this is part two of the trip. Believe it or not, its gonna take 3 parts to finish it all. I like to show you all the pics so it makes the post soooo long. And it takes forever to put it together. lol I promise tomorrow I'll finish it up. The first post is right below this one, but if you must here's the link....HERE.

Saturday morning we were up WAYYYY too early after being out WAYYYYY to late. I think we got around 3 hours sleep. =/ We were excited though. We were going to Texas to do a bunch of stuff. =)

We love roller coasters and its been almost two years since we've ridden them together. Too long for sure! Six Flags over Texas is NOT Disney, but it was gonna have to do. And although its not as clean and nearly as themed as Disney we did have fun. They definately have more roller coasters thats for sure!

On one of the coasters.....I think Titan. That ginormous white building in the background is Jerry's World...aka: the new Cowboys Stadium.

I'm not real good at following rules (in case you haven't figured that out yet). And I swear I didnt see the sign until after we'd ridden most of the rollercoasters that says, "If you take a camera or video recorder out while on the ride you will be expelled from the park immediately, no excuses". Hmmmmmm. OOOOPS! Good thing I wasnt caught. lol
Mr. Freeze. This is a badass rollercoaster!!! I had to put music to the video because we are both cursing like !!sailors!! through the whole thing. lol

After getting our fill of the rides we headed back to the hotel and got ready to go eat some gooooood dinner! We were off to Fort Worth. Cowboys, Steers and more Beer!

We hit the Stock Yards like some of you suggested and we were not dissappointed!!

Capt Schmoe, this ones for you....just happened to see some of your brothers in their pretty truck. Please note the Dallas Cowboy colors. lol =)

Lauren loved this. What 21 year old wouldn't??? Fort Worth lets you buy a beer and walk around the streets with it. Cool!

People just chillin on their horses. And YES they all had beers in thier hands. lol

This is where we went for our yummy steak dinner.

Dinner was delish! We both wanted steak and figured where better than the stockyards to get a good piece of meat! I couldnt finish a quarter of this meal but what I did eat tasted soooo good. That was my first taste of potato in over 3 months. Nom Nom Nom!!

Yes there is a steer crossing and the proof is in the piles of crap in the street. It was everywhere! lol Fort Worth still does a cattle drive twice every day down the main street. They own 14 long horned steer that they bring to the pens in the morning and then take back to wherever they stay at night. We didnt get to see it but I bet its cool.

So after we left Fort Worth we headed to the Big D for some party-time! We met up with a couple of Laurens Navy buddies from base that were in town. We hit some pretty rockin clubs and closed down the big D at 4am. Very little sleep once again but I danced my ass of so it was all worth it. ;)
I must say this club Station 4 was off the chain!! The music was awesome and the guys were beautiful. I really like Dallas a lot. If they could only move it near the beach I might be tempted to live there.

On Sunday morning we were draggin hard! I personally had maybe a total of 8 hours sleep in the previous 3 days. Add lots of alcohol and hurtin is probably a tame word for how I felt.
BUT!!!! We had more big plans for the day!!!
Angelia is a blogger on my blogroll that some of you may read. This is her blog, Living, Loving, Laughing... She is one of THE most positive people I've ever read and is truly a blessed person. Well, she lives near Arlington and we met up with her and her fiance Jason for breakfast!! I honestly love meeting people in the blog world that I interact with. First it was Gia and now Angelia. I would drop anything I was doing if any one of you were in Fort Laudy to say hi and visit for a bit. For real. Remember that.
Lauren, Angelia and Me!

Tomorrow I'll finish it up. Promise. I got some of my favorite pics for that post!! I saw where my Boys play and was in my glory. You'll see! ;)
Thanks for reading all. muahs!


Ann T. said...

Dear peedee,
WOW!! How great is that!!

I used to go to 6 Flags every year and thought it was the bomb. Of course it's way older now, and I think changed hands. Several times.

I am so glad you made it to the Stockyards! That steak looks great. And oh, cow chips. Nothing like fragrance to add to the day.

I take it you visited no tame, pallid Water Garden?? LOL!

I am just glad you got to go out and have fun!

Keep it coming! It's great!
Ann T.

Angelia Sims said...

I LOVE YOU! That video ZOMG!! So great, Mr Freeze is my favorite ride, and I can't (yes I can) believe you videoed it! HAAAAAAAA! <3 IT!

I am so glad you liked "my" town or your boys town or whichever (really glad the BOYS moved from IRVING to my town! YES!).

Lauren is just a cool and amazing as you describe her and of course you are just genuinely crazy, cool, fun and have never met a stranger.

I loved that you took that pic in front of Waffle house for that guy! :-)

I can't wait to hear about your stadium experience! PART 3!! :D

vixen kitten said...

So, ummmm....I'm kinda hurt here I didn't get an invite to this 4 day shindig.

Just sayin..... :)

It's a unique place isn't it. I don't think there is anywhere quite like it!

Glad you had such a great time with your baby.


Gia's Spot said...

So happy you got a great visit in! With al your crap happening this year, you soo deserved it!!
(PS OMG the rollercoaster video was awesome! )

Capt. Schmoe said...

Between the roller coaster and the partying, I got a sympathy headache this morning just reading this post!

I bet the crew on the silver and blue rig get thirsty watching people walk around with beer in their hand, that might be an area I would avoid.

Glad you had a great time, thanks for the post.

In3Dee said...

oh dear lord that rollercoaster.... I am afraid to ride them and that video....well it felt like I was right there with you. Didja hear me screaming?

Linda Medrano said...

Dang Girl! I'd be dead if I did all that on so little sleep but it sounds like you had a blast!

peedee said...

Thanks Annie, and No, the clubs were FAR from Tame!! lol

It was awesome to meet you Ange. Really was a highlight of my trip. We are connected now and we'll make it a point to visit everytime I go see the kid and go see my boys!! I am a little crazy huh! lol

VK you are welcome to come on all future trips!! ;)

The visit was a welcome diversion Gia! I had fun matching the music to that video!! Glad you liked it!

lol Capt. I'm STILL recovering from this trip!

lol Dee!! Roller coasters are SO FUN!!! You dont know what your missing!!

I AM dead Linda! lol

Southern Sage said...

hehehe looks like a big ole bunch of fun to me!

I read the whole thing!

peedee said...

Wow Sage! You mean you dont read the whole thing everytime?? lol

peedee said...

Dee..........where is your blog?? My link isnt working or something. Post the link here if you see this! Thanks!

meleah rebeccah said...

OMFG! OMFG! There is NO way I could have ever gotten on to that rollercoaster!