Wednesday, July 7, 2010

The Landlocked Sailor Visit - Part 1

Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!! I had a great trip to see the sailor that was jammed packed with awesomeness!!!

I arrived home yesterday after 4 days of fun, laughs and more laughs with Lauren and her friends. They are all so flippen funny and it was really cool to see her where she "lives & works".

Friday morning she picked me up at the airport and the non-stop running around began. We went to Tinker right off and she showed me the base. Its so big!! But I guess its because its got two airstrips and a shit-ton of planes.

I cant name all the planes. I'm not good like that. Lauren was telling me all the details of each one, what they do, why they do it and just tons of info. I can't keep up when she's talking planes. lol

(btw - clicking on any pic will make it bigger....)

Some AF Planes

I think these are AF...they are just like Laurens plane but they have a dish on top. Maybe its free cable for everyone when they are around. I have no idea what they do.

She tells me this place is pretty top secret. This is where she goes to work.

This is her office (where she does classroom training) for right now when she's not on training flights.

This is the old plane Laurens group used before the one she's on now. (I think 0_o)

Bugs planes all lined up. =) E6-B. Boing 707's I believe.

They look really big when you see them in person.

Lauren loves this plane. She's hasn't seen it outside the hanger yet, (says she probably never will), but they have heard it taking off at night a few times. We have seen it fly at a few airshows though. =)
B2 Bomber

Dont ask me how they know its this plane taking off at night when they are in their rooms. Its probably kinda like how when she was a kid, she could tell me the difference between a mustang and another type of muscle car going down the street without seeing it and just by hearing it. Weird kid. lol
Now this would be Lauren's Alltime Favorite plane. It has been since she was very little. Yes, she loves the fighter jets like everyone does but its THIS plane thats tattood on the side of her body. I honestly think if she were a pilot she'd want to fly this badboy.
And umm, I think its a B52 Bomber. O_o
Its massive and just plain badass.

There were three lined up...

Hell Yeah!!

Thats it for the plane pics. I asked a couple of times for Lauren to stop so I could get out and take pics and she just laughed at me and said absolutely not.

So after seeing the base we had plans to go out to "The Sushi Place" her and her buddies go to every Friday night. They must eat there A LOT because every waitress and bartender knew them. Even the owner came over and sat down with them and was chatting for a bit! lol Anyway I got to meet a bunch of her close friends. They are all Aircrew and some are in training while others have moved on to their squadrons already.
Good kids!!

After sushi we hit the neighborhood bar! And yes its called Cock 'O The Walk. I kid you not. lol I must say, these kids find the best bars! We had a blast! $5.00 goblets of New Moon. Yummy!!!

$5 Beers, Pool, Good Music, Singing, Lotsa Laughs = Priceless.

This post is getting pic heavy I'll post part two tomorrow night of the rest of the weekend. Lots more pics to come!!


vixen kitten said...

Looks like you had a great time!

Welcome back. We missed the hell out of you!


Southern Sage said...

Damn you shoulda stole that sign and mailed it to me. Thats my nick name!

Looks like a big ole time to me!

Red Shoes said...

Hmmm... the ones with the 'dish' on top would be AWACS... A type of surveillance aircraft...

I LOVE C-130s... when I was in the Air Force, that is one of the aircraft that my unit flew...

... and B-52s... What a beast... what a monster that plane is... they keep designing new bombers... the B-1... the B-2... and the B-52... from back in the 1950s... keeps them on the ground...

Sounds like you had a great visit... :o)


Gia's Spot said...

Love all the plane pics!
I live right next doot to the Otis air base and every year they have an air show and I never get tired of checking out those planes! I still wonder how the heck they even get off the ground they are so huge!
Glad you had a great "Bug" fix! Looking forward to more pics!

Linnnn said...

Stealths flying at night? I am awed by the thought of those big BATS silently skimming the atmosphere at night. I saw one fly once at an airshow. Any other time I have seen one I have run screaming "Don't abduct me! Don't abduct me!"

Love hearing about your adventure. More, please.

Ann T. said...

Dear peedee,
Like everyone here, I am monstrously glad you had great fun!

I think it soothes a mother's heart to know what her children are up to, also. She's got good friends, a meaningful job, and a Super mom!

And yeah, Post More. I missed you!


KrippledWarrior said...

Great pictures! I'm not much of a brown shoe sailor fan. But they serve a purpose. Surface Warriors Rule.

Linda Medrano said...

Peedee! What a blast! We went to TN to see my son when he was in A-School at Millington. So fun to meet his friends, see where he went to school and worked. He was on a carrier right after that. Alex was intel in the AF. I could explain all those dishes to you, but then, well, you know the rest! Welcome back and I'm so glad you had fun!

Michael Morse said...

Great pics, as usual. I'm glad you had fun, and it's just great to hear the pride that oozes from your words.

the observer said...

Yes, MM is correct! Your post radiates enthusiasm and pride--thanks for letting the rest of us catch the rays!

The Observer

Old NFO said...

Yep, the C-130 was the 'old' airplane before the E-6 (and yes, it's an upgraded 707 with new wings/engines) came on-line. And yes the Buffs are still around :-) Re the B-2 takeoff, yes you 'can' recognize specific airplanes without ever seeing them... I can still do that today!

peedee said...

Oh Vixen it was amazing. ;) Missed you too girl!! muahs!

mmhm Sage. I actually got a t-shirt from there. If your nice, I might give it to you. ;)

Yesssss Red!! AWACS! Thats what she called them!! And yes it was a good time!

I love airshows Gia. I miss ours here. =( Hopefully they get their shit together and have one next year. I love the Bug and cant get enough of her!! lol

Linnn, they are out there.....we just dont know it. lol I love our armed forces and I might be partial for obvious reasons, but I love the Aircrew and Pilots best. ;)

Annie it was sooooo good to see her. I know she was just here but like I said before, I cant get enough of her! lol I missed u mucho too!!

And KW we'll agree to disagree here. The brown shoe sailor is the BEST sailor. Sorry. I'm right and you cant convince me otherwise. ;)

LOL Linda, I know...then you'd have to kill me!! lol Lauren tells me that all the time when I ask too many questions. =) It is fabulous to see them in their element.
This kid is in LOVE with planes and it shows. She's the top of her class by miles and her friends tell me she hardly has to study. She just "gets" it immediatly when they learn new stuff. She has learned each seat in record time and they are so jealous. But they said she's a great study partner and she helps them immensly. Her instructors love her too according to her buddies. It does a mother proud!

lol Michael, glad you liked them! And I dont feel like I'm oozing pride. I'm just writing. =)

Glad you enjoyed Observer!! More to come!!

And NFO, I guess my kids an airplane geek like you.
Thats not a bad thing lol. =)

Thanks for stopping by and commenting all! I missed u guys and I'm in the process of getting around to all your blogs and catching up!! Muahs!

Capt. Schmoe said...

Thanks for the pics, I am so jealous that you got to see all of that stuff!

Lauren has good taste, the B-52 is an amazing machine. They say that the last B-52 pilot has not been born yet, an amazing feat for an airplane that was conceived in the late 1940's!

I am sure some of those KC-135 and the airframes of those E-6Bs are as old as I am if not older. Boeing builds tough airframes!

Thanks for the pics, I'm glad you were able to see Lauren and where she works.

peedee said...

Your Welcome Capt! I enjoyed seeing the planes too. I thought of you everytime I snapped a pic! I'm glad you enjoyed them!! My father also tells me that the grandchildren of the origional B-52 pilots are flying the same planes now. WOW!!

Old NFO said...

Peedee- it's not bad :-) Re the B-52s, there is STILL a Memphis Belle in the Air Force... It's at Barksdale, and is MB IV

meleah rebeccah said...

OMG!! These photos are so wonderful. I am catching up with your blog now. I cant wait to see part 2 & 3!