Wednesday, July 28, 2010


Just some quick pics of Remi from this weekend.

My friend has this awesome point and shoot Olympus camera that takes underwater pics. HYSTERICAL!!! I want one really badly! Oh and look at the Header pic...He Does Keep His Eyes Open!!

The red thing in his mouth is his collar that Ginger threw in. He went to the bottom of the pool to get it.

I'm sure with a little practice the pics could be really good. I couldn't take the pics because I had enough trouble trying to keep my shoulder from floating up while underwater. And I could only handle about 5 minutes in the water anyway. My friend Renee was the photographer. I'm gonna have her bring the camera by one weekend when I'm feeling better to see if I can get some really good ones of Remi swimming underwater.

More pics of the weekend soooooooon.


Linnnn said...

Loving these! Remi is talented...and oh i miss my Calamity Jane and Wild Bill both. Bill was an Ocala pup too!

Capt. Schmoe said...

What a blast! With the water dogs that you have, you might wanna ask Santa for one of those under water cameras!

I hope that you are listening to the doctor and doing what he/she says.

Heal fast.

Gia's Spot said...

These are great! I showed everyone!! And even greater since I have seen with my own eyes how much Remi loves the water!! Hope you are healing fast and taking time for yourself!! muah!!!!

peedee said...

Remi is talented Linnnn! He's so cute. Sorry ur missin ur babies momma. =(

I put it on my list Capt!!! I want one really badly!
And I'm totally doing EVERYTHING by the book as far as rehab. Promise! I don't want to go through this again. Noooooooo way!

lol Gia, he is a little ham! I love that you've SEEN him too! You totally get why I go crazy over these two pups. =) I'm healing. Not as fast as I want, but healing. MUAHS!! Oh, and the mangos are falling like crazy!! Come get some!!

In3Dee said...

I love those! You definitely need to take more. My dog doesn't even like baths. *sigh*

Ann T. said...

Dear peedee,
Oh, these are Great Shots! Remi looks beautiful, absorbed and happy in each one! Also weightless, LOL!

Thanks for sharing!
I'm glad you're following the PT rules, and this despite that they suck.

And Get Well Soon, Muah!

vixen kitten said...

OMG these are amazing! I loved seeing them. I need one of these cameras too!

Your boys are so adorable!


the observer said...

More Labradors in their natural habitat. I was checking for webbed feet. "keeps his eyes open"--LOL! I know humans who have never mastered that.

Further down the road, after you are more healed, the water will be good for your shoulder. Keep on keepin on girl--cheering you on here.

The Observer

Beryl said...

okay that is so f-ing cool...quit giving me doggy lust...we CANNOT get dogs right now. I mean it!!!!

meleah rebeccah said...

too cute! and now I really want an underwater camera too!

peedee said...

Dee, they love baths! lol

Thanks Ann, I cant wait to try more!

Yes, get one VK!! Honey likes to swim so you could get some good ones! And your babys are pretty cute too!

Thanks Observer! I cant wait till the steri strips come off my surgical holes. Then I can really get wet!