Tuesday, September 15, 2009

WTF is going on?!?!?!

I'm not sure if this is happening anywhere else in the country right now or just here in good old South Florida.

Ignorant idiots are slaughtering horses! Race horses, peoples personal horses and just plain old horses. It doesnt seem to matter. They flippen slit their throats and cut them up. I believe the authorities are saying its to get the meat which is supposed to hold magical, curative powers in some cultures. Ok, I'm gonna say it....in the Hatian and Cuban communities. WTF people!!!!! Doctors. You go to Doctors to get healed. Its 2009 for kee-rist sakes!!

I dont get it.

Something else thats happening down here are a lot of abandoned horses and farm(y) type animals. This has to be because of the economy, I'm sure. But I dont get why these people dont just call the SPCA. They'll come get the animals. WHY do you have to leave the poor things to fend on their own for weeks before they're found??? Fucking heartless people.

Today they found somewhere around 6 - 7 horses, a bunch of goats and some other animals that had been abandoned for probably a week or more. These animals where left in a penned area that had flooded and they were stuck standing in 2-3 feet of mud for a week with no shelter! Their hooves are rotting off. OMG, I want to do bodily harm to some people. I'm not a violent person. Really, I'm not. Well, maybe.

If I were in charge of the penalty/prison sentence of these lowlifes Guantanamo would be Disneyland compared to what I'd do to people that abused a)the elderly, b)kids or c)animals. I would make them pay. Waterboarding would be the "fun" excersise of the day. Oh the things I'd do. I scare myself sometimes.

Now I'm gonna tell you about one of these abandonded horse stories with a happy ending. ;)

Last year they found a 4th generation, direct decendant of the Triple Crown Winner Secretariat at an illegal slaughter house down in Miami-Dade. He was slated to be made into dog food the very day he was found. Hopefully he's gonna be a movie star in Disneys movie about his great great grandfather Secretariat.
This made me happy. Heres the link to the story.


oh, I just want to give my personal opinion of Kanye since everyone else is...he's an asshole. Thats all. =)

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Mrs. Bunker said...

Kanye is indeed an asshole.
Haven't heard about any animal brutality up this way, thankfully.