Friday, September 25, 2009

Friday, the portal to ahhhhhhhhhhh

If you need me this weekend, starting today at around 1:30 I can be found here with my toes in the sand and a beverage in my hand.
For real, I sit about a block north of this webcam.

This is my beach, yes my personal beach. I just let other people sit there cause I'm nice like that.
Ciao peeps!! Have a great weekend!


bejewell said...

That just makes me say AAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH. And then ask myself why I don't live near a beach. WHY?

Mrs. Bunker said...

oh, and you think that THAT is somehow better than dodging crazed cabdrivers in the rain??

peedee said...

What the hell was I thinkin Edith?? Lets swap.


Sashindoubutsu said...

Oh great.. how nice of you to share your personal beach.. :)

peedee said...

I share it so I have people to look at...although I wanted to kill the family that brought 12 kids that screamed for two hours at the waters edge. NOT my cup of tea.