Monday, September 21, 2009

My Nomadic Nature

I posted early last week that I'm moving again. I love my current "new" place, but its just too small. Its so small I have to go outside to change my mind. (oof, that was bad lol) When I rented it, I thought I could make it work and I really think at the time I was just so enamored with the backyard and not having to walk the boys anymore that I scooped it up without thinking it thru. If I didnt have 150lbs of dogs it would be ok but the dogs arent going anywhere so I need a bigger place.

I happened to have the inside scoop on the house next to my parents place. Its for rent and its a 2/2 with a HUGE fenced yard and access to my parents pool. I talked to the landlord last week and its pretty much mine. Just some minor details to work out. I've convinced my older brother Steven (who I think reads this blog) to come down from Atlanta and be my roommate. Its a good thing, such a good thing. My brother is the most laid back, sweet, gentle soul I know. I'm pretty laid back as well so I'm thinking this should work out pretty well. November 3rd is moving day. OMG I hate packing. I just got rid of the last of the boxes from the last move. ugh.

Someday, when I'm old and gray(er) I will have my dream home, a log cabin. Its a dream that I'm determined to make come true. My problem lies in the fact that I Love The Beach. How am I gonna have a log cabin and live near the beach at the same time?? I'v got time to figure it out I guess. There is something sooooo peaceful about a log cabin. Maybe its the quiet only disturbed by birds chirping, maybe its the meandering stream nearby, just maybe its the fact that there isnt close to 1 million people living within 50 miles of me.

Cant ya just see Jake and Remi snoozin on that front porch??

A girl can dream can't she?


Capt. Schmoe said...

It sounds like this might be the best of both worlds, plenty of room for you and the dogs!!!

Good luck with the move.

Gia's Spot said...

Awesome idea, Peedee, but how do you get quiet, bird chirping and sounds of surf together??? I would be interested in that place!! good luck on the move!

Brandy Rose said...

That dream house of yours is gorgeous. Mine would be a tudor style cottage. :)

Steph said...

Hey, I think I've seen log cabins like this out by Myrtle Beach. Not actually ON the beach, but on the way to the beach. So. There you go.

peedee said...

Thanks for the good wishes Capt and Gia! And when I find this place you can visit me there Gia!!

and Brandy you mean a tudor style log cabin cottage?? lol

effing Brilliant STEPH!!! I was thinkin the've confirmed it!

Mrs. Bunker said...

closer to ma is always good, and nothing beats moving for cleaning house, so those are some positives. For the negative...didn't you say you saw ma boo, Johnny Depp, from time to time in your current spot?

peedee said...

Ummm....this is the crazy part...its only 4 blocks north of where I'm at. Johnny (yer boo) still hangs in the neighborhood.

jessicabold said...

Ohhh....LOVE log cabins. My husband and I oodle over them...we'd be in heaven with a cabin...HEAVEN.

peedee said...



Shhhhh, Dont tell anyone, but I have subscriptions to like 6 different log cabin magazines. I'm addicted.