Wednesday, September 16, 2009

19 Days Post-Op

Yup, 19 days post-op from my ACL Replacement surgery and looky here....122 degrees flexion baby!!

They are kicking my ass in PT 3x's a week. I started PT at day 10 post-op but at week 4 protocol because I'd already achieved 80 degrees flexion with the CPM machine at home. Hoo-Rah!!

But they hurt me there. Bad. I leave sore as hell and wake up even more sore in the morning. I've started eating Tylenol like candy.

I go back to the doc next Tuesday and I think he's gonna be extracting a little bit of blood. I'm still real swollen on the top portion of my knee and he said its blood. He said it may go away on its own with PT or he may have to take it out. Its not going anywhere so I'm thinking big fat nasty needle next Tuesday. ew. The good thing is, once I get rid of that blood.......More Flexion!!! Its all about bending. =)


Mrs. Bunker said...

Congratulations! suffering through PT is paying off apparently. The aspiration won't be too bad...usually

peedee said...

Its that "usually" that scares me. =0