Thursday, September 24, 2009

Race Day 2009!!

I'm flippen giddy!! Excited is an understatement!! I just ordered my tickets for my first IndyCar race. I'm gonna take my dad to the Homestead race on Oct. 10th and watch the cars go round and round.

I've been a Nascar fan since I was young, introduced to the sport by my father who is a racer in his own right. He raced hydroplanes for years and was sponsored by Purolator but thats a story for another day. I've been to a Nascar race and I loved it.

I always wanted to see an IndyCar race. I love Danica Patrick. She rocks and she can beat the boys which always makes me an even prouder member of the female race. Last year Danica became the first female winner in IndyCar history, taking the Indy Japan 300.

I ordered paddock/pit passes so we can go see all the cars up close and hobnob with the racers a bit. Hopefully I can get close enough for a pic with Danica. =)

This ones for all the boys, oops I mean Men who read my blog. Proof that a Beauty can beat the Beasts.


Mrs. Bunker said...

you haven't REALLY done it 'til you're at the Brickyard in May dancing on top of a stranger's motor home with strippers. Or so I've heard, anyway.

peedee said...

HA!! You've done it havent you!!! lol

I'd like to do the Brickyard but its not in the budget this century. Maybe next! lol