Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Madge & The Knee

I've been a fan of Madges music since day one. Wayyyy back in the day with my big NJ hair, slap bracelets and everything neon. I dont always agree with her politics. In fact I dont agree with most movie star/musician blatherings about politics. I could care less who she's bangin, how old he is and where she adopts her kids from. When it comes to music, Madge has got it goin on. Holy shiznit she amazes me. I should be moving as well at her age.

I'm in love with this song and video.

I went for my first post-op this morning with Dr. Georgous. He was really pleased with the progress and impressed with my low pain levels (and therefore only the use of Tylenol so far).

Stitches come out next Tuesday, but I'm off the crutches and still using the CPM machine. Physical Therapy starts next Tuesday as well. (That may hurt.)

I've got some cool intra-operative pics that I'll scan and post for your viewing pleasure! You can look at my pretty, shiny new ACL. =)


Sisu said...

It looks great! From a nurse's POV, don't know how it looks to you....can't wait to see the pictures. *ghoulish delight*

Mrs. Bunker said...

Beautiful! gold star for excellent compliance (except the bandage peeking) and a lack of horkin down the vikes. gotta save some for Paula Abdul!!
Lucky you can enjoy hot doc chuck/joe/jack/etc. If you want a Triston or Chaz look in dermatology.
Also my friend the ortho named his kid MAGNUS. I can hear his knuckles draggin from across the room.

peedee said...

I think it looks purdy!!

Magnus?!? And she let him?? Poor kid.

No, my ortho is Puerto Rican, (born here) so he has 12 last names. His first name is Domingo tho and thats hott.

It hurt more today than any other so far. Its that stooopid CPM machine annoying it.