Friday, June 5, 2009

Yup, you've gone and broke it

Yeah, so I went to my ortho guy today because my ankle and knee were just feeling a little too tweeked. Not tons of pain but enough to keep waking me up at night when I moved around. If you remember, on monday when I was moving I rolled my ankle off a curb and fell slamming my knee into a big old rock while carrying a ginormous dresser.

Now, I'm used to pain and I like to think my threshold is pretty high. I've had 6 surgery's on my (L) knee. Playing softball definately screwed it up. I mostly played 1st base when I started playing at 10 years old with the boys. Little League that is, cause they didnt have girls softball in my town until I was 12. So me and this other girl were good enough to play with the boys, and we did. I started catching at around 12 and played both positions pretty well. Now, catching is probably not the best thing I could have done, but hey, if you've got it, you've got it! lol I had my first surgery during the summer before my freshman year. I wasnt gonna catch anymore. The doc told me its prolly not the best thing for my knees since they seem to be having problems.

The REAL problem was that my freshman year of high school, the softball coach comes up to me and says I hear your a great first baseman, but I really need a catcher since my girl graduated last year and I hear you can catch too! So let me see, hmmmmm, play JV for a year at first base or start on Varsity catching??? Sign me up coach!! I was the starting catcher for 4 years. I made the right choice for my college scholorship, but the wrong choice for my knee. lol Needless to say, I ended up having another surgery 3 days after I graduated high school. BUT, got me a full ride to NC Weslyan to play some softball!! woot woot!! And really it wasnt just softball that fucked my knee. Thru high school I earned 12 varsity letters. Thats 3 per year for you non math majors. Field Hockey in the fall, Basketball in the winter and Softball in the spring. My knee was doomed. I should have been a drama geek, I prolly would've saved my knees. I wont even talk about my 2 years of playing rugby. (what a fun sport!!)

Ok, so back to the present...I see my ortho doc today, (who's known me for 12 years now) and he x-rays the old ankle and knee and its not good. Broke the ankle and obviously tore everything to hell. Casted for 6-8 weeks and the sprain is gonna take longer (obviously) to heal. Fuck. But hey, the good news is that its not displaced so no surgery!! I'm lucky he says since I've been walking around on it for 4 days that it didnt displace. He's pretty sure I tore the MCL and completed the partial tear that I had of my ACL to a complete tear in my Left knee. The Lachmans Test was not pretty. fuhk. fuhk. fuhk. Anyway, we're gonna get the ankle healed up, then get an MRI of the knee and prolly do a Cadaver replacement of the ACL. He said they have this nifty new ACL replacement surgery done orthoscopically. Recovery is fast and no more knee brace when I play ball. ok.

Shit, softball season starts in a month. Not for me. =(


Gia's Spot said...

Wow surprised you even have a leg to stand on! Never broke any bones except for my left big toe every year for three years playing soccer on a woman's league so didn't play this year cause my toe is starting to stand straight up and looks kinda funny in high heels!! Hope it heels fast! (why do all my words sound like unintentional puns tonight!) Maybe you can be a disabled cheerleader this year?

peedee said...

I'll go to the park and watch my team and drink BEERS!!! I'm very supportive if there is beer involved. lmao!