Thursday, June 18, 2009

Somethings Wrong

Theres something wrong with Remi's front legs. I think he's got some sort of neurological problem, a palsy or something. I dont know. shit.

About 3 months ago, I came home at lunch and he hopped off his chair and literally went down. It was like his front legs wouldnt work. They almost looked like they were paralyzed. I called my dad imediatley...he said call the vet. By the time the vet answered within 3 minutes after this started you could see his legs starting to "come back" to him. He was starting to walk and within 5-7 minutes, it was like nothing was wrong.

I explained all this to the vet. They said, maybe they just fell asleep, if you want bring him in. But if nothings going on, we really cant tell anything without extensive testing. Just keep an eye on him and if it happens again, call us.

Its happened, not as bad as the first time I'd say 4 - 5 more times. you could see he was having trouble and then it goes away really quick. It typically happens after he's been lying down.

Today, I get home at lunch...he runs outside and I could tell it was gonna happen. And sure as shit it just slowly got to the point where he couldnt stand on his front legs. Its sooo sad, you can tell he's scared and has a very confused look wondering why he cant get up on them. Once again it was gone within 2-3 minutes. Then he's running on them fine. What scares the shit out of me is that its happened again tonight. Not as bad as today, and mostly one side.

I've called the vet just about everytime this has happened and they've told me, unless they "see" it happening, they prolly cant tell what it is. I'm so annoyed, scared, pissed and unbelievably sad. I have a gut feeling this is not going to end well for Remi and it breaks my heart.

Remi was supposed to be a monster lab. His father is a 100lb award winning dog. His name is Tank if that tells you anything. His mother is 75lbs and thats big for a female. Remi is small. If he's 55-60lbs thats probably on the generous side of my guess. This may not make sense but, his front parts just look small. Almost like a kid with Cerebral Palsy. You know how their limbs are just small and skinny, due to muscle atrophy?? He kinda has front legs that look like that. I dont know, maybe I'm imagining it. All I know is there is something wrong. And I dont know what to do about it.


Gia's Spot said...

Oh no, very scary PEEDEE ! My sister had a lab, Ebony,who did something similar and it turned out to be Epilepsy and they were seizures , she had to be on medicine, which lessened them, but she lived a REAL long time and my sister learned to see them start and just comforted Eb. She always would get the "deer in the headlights" look about her and a small whine . Not a real shaking thing like people do when they seize, just lose her ability to walk!
Oh I hope thats what it is! Time to get a new vet.. that one seems a little too busy to care!

peedee said...

wow, epilepsy...I never thought of that. I thought you had to be doin the "floppy fish" for it to be a seizure. Very interesting. I'm gonna call the vet today and tell them I want to bring him in and get some work ups done. gah! I cant bear the thought of no Remi!! Thanks Gia for the idea.

Mrs. Bunker said...

new vet. X-ray--at least.

peedee said...

ok. Talked to vet. Got past the front desk gatekeeper and was actually able to speak with the vet. She listened, asked a lot of questions and I gotta take him in on monday. She said it sounds more like maybe a pinched nerve or somethin since it seems to only happen after he's been laying down for awhile. (Ya know, she's right!)

Otherwise he's fine! Ran around like a nut and swam all day at my parents.

Gia's Spot said...

Well, now that I go back and look at all thephotos, that dog sleeps in the most awkward positions its a wonder he not all twisted up! But you for you for noticing and acting fast, who knew??? So now you can have a nice weekend! I for one cant wait to get here as we are having more rain, rain rain rain and MORE rain! Bleh!!! gives me a head ache! :}

Gia's Spot said...

Wow bad spelling! meant "good for you" for noticing.. seems I type in my head and not on the keyboard! Also cant wait to get "there" not here!

peedee said...

lol I knew what you were sayin. no worries. =D