Saturday, June 27, 2009

Happy Ending

I'm about to get random on your asses. Lots of shit, and only a few minutes to get it out on here. I'm buzzzzzzzy biatches!!

First, I go see Dr. Gorgeous today a new cast. I was sooooo ready to get into an ankle brace or somethin, anything but another cast. Pain in the ass. He promised to let me out of the cast in two weeks and I could wear an ankle brace after that. So I was totally tired of the blue. I got purple. Yeah, great fuckin idea until I walked into work and heard, "Hey Barney" like 10 times in 5 minutes. Great, I'm gonna stab someone in the eyeball if I hear that for two weeks. And the purple totally clashes with my blue toenails. Ima do my toes tomorrow. I think Pink or something dark is in order. We'll see.

I posted the pic on my facebook page and caught shit on there too. pffft. I also heard about the basket of dog toys in the background and the laundry on the table. Yeah, the boys are spoiled and weeeeeeeeeee another fabulous friday night of laundry and non stop Michael Jackson on all 157 channels. Dont even get me started on the 24/7 coverage of that. I'm over it already.

Ok, now after the cast thingy I go back to work for an hour then head over to my chiropractors office for a little cracky and massage. My boy Gus is one HoTT massage therapist. And lets just say, I would kill for a Happy Ending from him! ;) Todays massage was the first since getting the cast on and honestly, I havent been for at least a month or so. Gus made my day...well almost lol. He starts off with my shoulders which are always jacked up and was movin down to my mid back and he was all like, "Want me to do your hip?? Its probably messed up from draggin the cast around." I answered too quick I'm sure. YESSSSSSSSSS Pleeeeease do my hip. I'll stop here and just say, NO I didnt get my happy ending. A girl can dream cant she?? I made an appointment for next wednesday. I'm goin back for more!!!!!!!

Ok, then part three of my day......I got three mofo deals at work this week. Two today. I rock. Deals make it not suck so much. I'll mentally prepare for the post-deal-depression thats sure to hit on Monday.

Update on Remi...doc thinks he has a pinched nerve in his neck. He's gonna be a watch and wait patient. great.

Have a great weekend all!


Gia's Spot said...

Take Remi to the Chiro with you!!
Lovin the purple - Unless you are wrapped head to toe in that purple wrap,and weigh 300 lbs or so, I'm not seeing the Barney look alike!!
Sux about the new cast! Yeah I noticed the basket of dog toys and the laundry, chuckled to myself, and thought, heh, looks like my spare room this morning as I too did laundry and keep a basket of the grand kids toys there!! Hope you are not sweatin, it! Who cares if all the rooms in the house wont be voted best on House and Garden!!
I get a massage and chiro every three weeks! Love it! My chiro is a Dr McDreamy (married but I flirt shamelessly,) but my massage Therapist is a female. Her and I go for a 4 mile run every Thursday. And now we added a bike tour also! This week its the complete Shining Sea Bikeway - 20 miles up and back. So that will be great if the weather holds out (yeah right! nothing but MORE rain in the forecast!) And what is a "mofo deal" from work??

peedee said...

The Barney comment is just because it IS purple. I got some funny friends haha. =/

And I tried telling them...the laundry got put away a few minutes after that pic!! lmao. I guess if they didnt bust on me, they wouldnt love me.

And mofo is short for (mother f**king) deal. potty mouth abounds. teehee

SuperBadJack said...

Bwahaha, I'm sure I can guess who called you Barney, damn I miss the old team.